Green and white floral combinations are gorgeous throughout the year, and are the epitome of simple elegance!  And the winter season is no exception! This combination seems to “wake-up” the dreary landscape. The beauty of a few cut stems of white camellias in a vase always lend sophistication to your home. . The four pictures […]

Captivating Camellias

Although we Southerners would like to claim Camellias as being a native of our region, they actually hail from eastern and southern Asia.  Over 3000 kinds of these decadent flowering evergreen scrubs or trees exist.  Depending on the variety, they bloom from October to early winter and some bloom in the early spring.  They will […]

This Is My Father’s World….

My Mother-in-law planted this glorious Taiwan Cherry tree in her yard from a seedling  over 40 years ago.  Each winter, about this time, it bursts  forth in radiant pink blooms.  This year it is especially beautiful, and the images I took  can’t capture its exquisite beauty.  Today the tree exceeds 40 feet.  Admiring God’s handiwork […]

Succulent Splendor: Pretty and Practical for Indoor and Outdoor Use (Part 1)

Common succulent specimens available at your local garden center year round. In recent years succulents have become quite popular, and there is a huge variety available.  Some of the most recognizable succulents include the paddle plant, aloe, agave, and cacti.   From beautiful rosette shapes to star shapes to the  trailing ones, I just can’t […]

New Beginnings..

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my Mother who transmitted the passion to me for creating floral arrangements for home and entertaining. A seasoned gardener and cultivator of over 100 roses, she graciously shared her flowers and floral designs for worship services, weddings, receptions, and for creating beauty in our home. It is […]