Succulents (Part Two): Creating a Succulent Garden


Succulents for potting

Succulent gardens are fun and quite easy to create.  With the wide variety available you can use your imagination to select the plants,  and to find the perfect container that suits your needs.  Remember that these thrive  both inside and outdoors. You probably don’t want the outside plants to be in weather conditions below freezing, but some are hardier than others.  Read the plant identification tag before you start this process.    Work in a outside area on a table or preferable a potting bench.

Tutorial for Creating a Succulent Garden

1.  Place a few stones in the bottom of your container.  You may want to line nicer containers  with either heavy plastic or a pot liner before adding the stones.

2.  Have potting soil and decorative moss close by.


3. Place soil deep enough to plant your selected succulents.  Carefully place the plants on top of the soil.


5.  After planting,  sprinkle a fertilizer like Osmocote around the plants and follow  with a  liquid based fertilizer.  Don’t over water, but you definitely don’t want the soil to be dry.I

6.  Finally, the fun part!  Add decorative moss such as Reindeer or Spanish.  You can even arrange decorative pebbles around the plants.



A succulent planter I have maintained outside. I will periodically change and/or add to this container. I placed a few pebbles here. Decorative moss will not hold up for a long time outside in the open.

Creating a succulent garden could be a fun project for children and teenagers as well.  Terracotta bowls or planters could be painted or stenciled to display them. These would make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, birthdays, etc.  Below are some whimsical arrangements I found at local plant centers.  I actually purchased the teacup to use for another purpose, and for the fact that it was discounted 50%!   Look around your home, and you might be surprised with the unique containers that turn up!

IMAG0227 (1) I

Thanks for taking a look,

Mary Lise


7 thoughts on “Succulents (Part Two): Creating a Succulent Garden

  1. I spent about two hours during Thanksgiving collecting moss that was like a pot of gold…in Lake Junaluska, NC during our Thanksgiving trip. The ground was covered with the best/thick green moss!
    While others are resting and visiitng I am outside with a large bag taking all the moss I could get and hoping Carlton would be able to find a spot in the car for this big bag.
    What will I do with it? Ohhh…that is the fun part…the dreaming and the ideas…and now mixing with succulents with your tutorial will be my next project!
    Wish you were here so we could work on it together!
    Thanks for the beautiful blog!!!!!

  2. I love these arrangements. Is that “hen and Chicks”? I definitely want to try the Paddleplant…we have the perfect climate…..Hot!

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