Welcome to my blog, Beautiful Gardener, which was inspired by my Mother who introduced me to the art of gardening, and helped created my passion for floral design.  My desire is to share ideas for creating simple and unique floral arrangements  to set the tone for beautifying your home year round . Whether you are just creating a simple arrangement for your breakfast table or entertaining on a large scale, I hope my blog will inspire you to look for innovative ways to make your own floral arrangements.


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  1. Your pictures are stunning, and even the indoor ones (which I find to be the most difficult to take) look fantastic! The colors are bright and natural, not to mention that your subject matter is wonderful as well! I love your flowers — makes me want to take another try at growing a flower garden, even with my black thumb!

  2. I ran across your blog while searching for images of front porches. I was immediately drawn to your blog when I read the words “using Gods inspired beauty”. My good friend Michele and I recently started a business/community called The MooMoo SisterWho! The inspiration being our ‘happy place’ we go to where we live life in our muumuu dresses, garden, and hang out with other sisters on our big front porch. You can check out more on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMoomoosisterwho

    I would love to use one of your front porch pictures on our page. I will credit the image to your blog. Feel free to like our page and join the SisterWho! Just pick an ‘alter-ego’ Moo Moo name and we’ll announce your arrival on the ‘front porch’! (You’ll see what I’m talking about when you go to the page)

    Please let me know if we can use one or more of your photos. 🙂

    Thanks and blessings,


    • I am flattered that you would like to use one of my pictures! You are more than welcome to use whichever ones you’d like. And what an amazing facebook page you have created! Let me know when the pictures get posted!

  3. Hi, I am writing in reference to a garden verse sign you posted which reads “God lives in every garden, He loves each growing thing, Forget your ills, Get out and dig and sing.” I have been looking for this sign for years – my dad had one in his garden. Would the owner be willing to sell it? Perhaps you know my daughter, Lara Casey, who also has a faith based blog http://www.laracasey.com. Below is the photo of the plaque.

    Thank you!
    Celia Casey

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