Captivating Camellias


An arrangement from 2012 using blooms from a very old camellia tree in the garden section of Dothan.

Although we Southerners would like to claim Camellias as being a native of our region, they actually hail from eastern and southern Asia.  Over 3000 kinds of these decadent flowering evergreen scrubs or trees exist.  Depending on the variety, they bloom from October to early winter and some bloom in the early spring.  They will even thrive in pots.  Their delicate blooms are gorgeous in simple arrangements.  One of my favorite ways to display them are in clear glass pedestal vases or bowls.  In a couple of minutes you can create a masterpiece!  So watch for them to start blooming, and be inspired to make your own creation!


A bloom from a young bush at a friend’s yard.


Incorporating blooms from several of our bushes in vintage glass pedestals.

Below are are a few images from our garden:




A living memorial gift provides condolences to a friend.


Crimson Heart camellia bush, also pictured on the right.


Making a camellia arrangement is probably one of the easiest and most gratifying floral designs ever.  I have a collection of clear crystal and pressed glass that I enjoy using  for camellia display.  Simply cut the stems about 6-12 inches or so.  Fill the containers about halfway with water, and arrange  them as desired.  “Floating” camellias directly on the surface of the water is absolutely gorgeous and you could also incorporate some small floating candles for night time entertaining around the blooms.

Here are a few of my easy arrangements that will make a big impact in your home!


Camellias scattered at the base of a rustic urn.

A single camellia on white linen is an elegant way to designate places at a dinner party.



I hope you will be inspired to create some of your own camellia creations from the varieties blooming in your area!

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