Transitioning arrangements from Christmas to Winter

Decorating with fresh evergreens is such a festive way to ready your home for the holidays. And there is no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy these into the Winter season!  You can even use the same containers especially when transitioning an arrangement for a dining table.  By making a few easy changes, you can have a design to  enjoy for several weeks.  Most of the greenery you need is probably in your yard or in your neighbor’s!  Magnolia cuttings are almost seasonless.  Here in the South they are used extensively for holiday decorating, spring/summer arrangements and for weddings. Magnolias, juniper, cedar, dried hydrangea, and “add-in” pots from the florist or grocery store also work well in containers.

My breakfast room table decorated for the Christmas season.

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I placed magnolia, cedar, nandina greenery, bittersweet, limes and artichokes along with three decorative pine cone “balls” into an antique bread bowl.  A pair of glass hurricanes with birch candles on rustic wooden plateaus flanks the bowl.  One of my favorite things to decorate with in the fall is fresh bittersweet (available from the Northeast). The berries dry beautifully by Christmas time and it is fun to “recycle” them for yet another season!

Breakfast room table arrangement transitioned for Winter…

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A few simple changes in the same bowl easily made the  transformation.  The same three pine cone “balls” along with a couple of marked down $2.oo Kalanchoe plants were added. Dried hydrangea, magnolia, fresh artichokes, and  two more small plants of greenery from the garden center were used.  The pair of glass hurricanes still works well here.  The Limelight hydrangeas were harvested from my yard in the late summer and fall.

And the transition continues even in the our family room with the mantel!

???????? ???????? ????????

The top two pictures show the mantel during Christmas (stockings were not hung yet!). In the bottom picture,   I removed the angels in the center as well as the old greenery.  I then added Baby Gem magnolia along with a few sprigs of cedar to the Lime Light hydrangeas.   Antique books and boxes that had been used there prior to the holidays were replaced.

Hopefully, you can be inspired to use some of these ideas to  help make your home more beautiful for the start of 2013!


5 thoughts on “Transitioning arrangements from Christmas to Winter

  1. I have always loved magnolias in any arrangements!! Absolutely beautiful as usual.
    I will come by tomorrow to cut your trees!

  2. Love this ML so much!!! I am so impressed but never shocked because you are so talented in so many ways!!
    Keep it going and I will be your biggest fan!!

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