New Beginnings..


An arrangment done by my Mother for worship services at First United Methodist Church, Pontotoc, MS

A holiday tablescape with roses from my Mother's garden.

A holiday tablescape with roses from my Mother’s garden.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my Mother who transmitted the passion to me for creating floral arrangements for home and entertaining. A seasoned gardener and cultivator of over 100 roses, she graciously shared her flowers and floral designs for worship services, weddings, receptions, and for creating beauty in our home. It is my desire to provide creative ways to utilize flowers, herbs, and produce from local grocery stores, nurseries, and garden centers to enhance your home.

Years ago, a sweet family friend, Shirley Lowry shared a poem with my Mother that was used at her funeral in 2010. Entitled, “Beautiful Gardener”, it chronicles my Mother’s passion and use of her God given gifts.

Beautiful Gardener

Beautiful Gardener, beautiful friend,

When did your love for flowers begin?

Early in life I imagine that you

Delighted in roses and pansies, too.

Beautiful gardener and designer, too,

How did you learn to combine the two?

Arranging flowers with beauty each day

And lovingly giving your bouquets away.

Beautiful gardener, so full of love,

How sweetly you serve the Lord up above.

Bringing your flowers to the sick and the sad,

To wedding, anniversaries, making us glad.

Beautiful gardener, peaceful friend,

What gives you such beauty of spirit within?

These words:  “Be still and know that I am God,”

Words for the gardener, the seed, and the sod.

by Martha Yeargin Norris



4 thoughts on “New Beginnings..

  1. this is a wonderful thing to do,such a pleasent and joyful way to remember Maxine,She would be so happy for this,if at any time I can help let me know/

    • Thanks so much, Wilma! You should email me some of your GORGEOUS church arrangements and any other ones that you’d like to share. I hope to do a variety of things, and having guests featured like you would be great!

      I hope you are doing well, and thanks for taking a look!

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