An Autumn Walk

October is truly a time of transition  –  days become shorter, leaves turn almost magically in the sun’s golden glint to  create a halo of gold in the trees, while winds are crisp and the clouds are adrift.   Glorious fall foliage created an autumn glow on a recent late afternoon walk I took through […]

Pumpkin Patch Farms of Blue Mountain – A North Mississippi Tradition

Nothing says fall like the appearance of colorful pumpkins, and this time of year they are showing up abundantly in grocery stores, garden centers and local farmers markets.  Pumpkins and fall just seem to go hand in hand, heralding the change of seasons. However, I never feel that I have truly experienced the fall season […]

A Change of Seasons

The weather has taken a “fallish” turn here in north Mississippi where I have been able to spend time lately. I’ll take these mid-60’s temperatures any day!  One of  nature’s late summer and early fall bounties are the spectacular blooms from a friend’s two Golden Rain trees (Koelreuteria paniculata).  Lifelong friend, Betty Howard, who was […]


I have known local Dothan floral designer, Rachel Barrentine, for almost two decades, and I am almost old enough to be her Mom!  Her radiant smile and exuberant personality simply light up a room. We first met when she was just starting her floral design career.  She took a break from the business when her […]