Chinese Snowball Vibernum: A Southern Garden Classic

My favorite Southern garden shrub is Limelight Hydrangea although Chinese Snowball Vibernum runs a very close second!  This widely used ornamental plant is one of the easiest ways to make an early spring statement in your garden.  They are sometimes confused with the old-fashioned Annabelle hydrangea because of their large, showy blooms, but they make […]

The Magic of Fairy Gardens

  Every gardener needs a little whimsy and  Sarah Green, a self-proclaimed lover of  fairy gardens, gave members of Botanica Garden Club a tutorial on creating miniature landscapes  of their own at a recent meeting held at Dothan Nurseries.  Unlike working in your own garden, designing a fairy garden is all creativity and fun minus […]

An Easter Garden Gift

About this time each year, a  gift of literally divine proportions occurs in the garden of my neighbor and friend, Maurine Johnston.  A trinity of Cherokee Roses, Lorapetalum, and grape like clusters of  Wisteria comes cascading over her fence.  The purple, burgundy, and white combination creates the most glorious spring spectacle. The Cherokee Rose sprawls […]

Living Easter Baskets

Easter, the season of celebrating life and hope, is one of my favorite holidays as the resurrection of Christ is observed.  Childhood memories linger of  live bunnies, ducks, chickens, gathering brightly colored eggs, new Easter dresses often designed and made by my Mother (always complemented by white gloves and the perfect straw hat with ribbons […]

Celebrating Fifty Years Along Dothan’s Azalea Dogwood Trail

Spring is inaugurated about this time each year in the Dothan area with the long awaited viewing of the Azalea Dogwood Trail scheduled to open this Sunday afternoon, April 6, 2014.  With the azalea blooms and Dogwood trees at their peak, local residents as well as visitors from the Florida Panhandle and southwest Georgia can […]

“Snips and snails and Puppy Dog Tails, That’s What Little boys Are Made of…”

As I pointed out in the previous post, one of the joys of a friendship is celebrating those milestones and other celebrations in a close acquaintance’s life.  The Crockett family has been near and dear to me for many years.  Olivia Crockett  is a testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness in her life.   And what […]