A Winter Reprieve

As promised,  we awoke this morning in southeast Alabama to a fanciful display of ice and a fine sprinkling of snow.  This is definitely not the norm for our temperate climate!  Bone-chilling temperatures and frozen layers of earth are a rare occurrence here.  Shrubs and tree branches heavily laden with ice crystals have created a […]

A Winter Rhapsody of White

The simplicity of  white is one of my favorite floral design themes.  Especially this time of year,  white flowers lend a sophisticated and unpretentious adornment to any room.  White flowers are chic and sophisticated and are always in good taste.   Many plants and fresh flowers are long lasting and can  literally last for several […]

New Year Reflections: Six Worthy Goals

Although I have never been one to make New Year’s “resolutions”, I have reflected recently on goal worthy aspirations for 2014.  Some of my objectives are ongoing from year to year while some of them are exciting new areas that I feel led to venture into.  I would like to share a few of them […]