Captivated by Camellias

Just south of Dothan, Alabama in the small hamlet of Madrid, lies Linda and Bill Nichols’ camellia garden, a spectacular display of literally hundreds of magnificent bushes. Between now and February, literally thousands of their blooms will be entered in regional camellia shows as well as shared with their friends and relatives.

Camellias Reign in the Southern Garden: Highlights of the Southeast Alabama Camellia Show

Southeast Alabama’s Camellia Society recently held its 2015 annual show here in Dothan.  In spite of a hard freeze several weeks prior to the show, over five hundred entries captivated show goers.  Although camellia show chairman Linda Nichols was holding her breath due to the inclement weather, she, along with the other society members, was […]

The Earth Holds Its Breath for Spring

Although our part of the country has already had periods of frigid temperatures, the past couple of days have been gorgeous with temperatures reaching the mid-60’s.  The garden district of Dothan,  resplendent with the captivating blooms of many vintage camellias, some which are at least 60-80 years old, is a showplace for camellias.  These exquisite […]

“Snips and snails and Puppy Dog Tails, That’s What Little boys Are Made of…”

As I pointed out in the previous post, one of the joys of a friendship is celebrating those milestones and other celebrations in a close acquaintance’s life.  The Crockett family has been near and dear to me for many years.  Olivia Crockett  is a testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness in her life.   And what […]

A Mississippi Spring – Reflections on Gardening, Family and Friendships

Spring is definitely in full bloom in my hometown of Pontotoc in north Mississippi.  I spent the weekend there enjoying the glorious weather while capturing some of the early spring blooms with my ever ready camera. Another highlight of the weekend was visiting with some of our life long friends who were especially close to […]

Spring into Color with Easy Floral Design

When the first tiny vibrant  confetti blooms of  forsythia appear along with the delicate Bradford Pear, plum, and cherry blooms of the season, I just naturally get inspired to start bringing some of this grandeur inside.  While at the same time, all of the new garden center additions, give me inspiration to start redoing garden […]

Southeast Alabama Camellia Society’s 2014 Camellia Show

The Southeast Alabama Camellia Society’s 5th annual Camellia Show held on Saturday, against the backdrop of a beautiful spring-like day, was indeed the consummate  gardening event.  With well over seven hundred entries from a tri-state area and an attendance that exceeded expectations, the American Camellia Society sanctioned event was quite a success even in spite […]

The Grandeur of Camellias: 5th Annual Camellia Show Satuday, February 8, 2014

The Southeastern area of Alabama  along with surrounding areas in Georgia and the Florida Panhandle are renowned for their show stopping camellias.  And, just to mention, camellias are definitely in my top five favorite  garden flowers. I only wished they bloomed twelve months out of the year, but I’ll settle for late fall to early […]