Living Easter Baskets

Easter, the season of celebrating life and hope, is one of my favorite holidays as the resurrection of Christ is observed.  Childhood memories linger of  live bunnies, ducks, chickens, gathering brightly colored eggs, new Easter dresses often designed and made by my Mother (always complemented by white gloves and the perfect straw hat with ribbons and flowers), and  the quintessential Easter basket!

Old Pontotoc Pictures. Misc 001

Old Pontotoc Pictures. Misc 003

I finally gave up doing my children’s Easter baskets when they left for college!  Now instead I love creating living Easter baskets with fresh seasonal flowers, foliage, grass, and moss.

This year as well as last year I planted a rye grass seed mixture in plastic liners that will later be set in baskets and containers for a table display.  With very minimal effort and some bright sunny days, you can expect to see significant growth in about a week.

First select the containers and baskets that you would like to use.  Place fresh potting soil in the plastic liners followed by a generous application of seed.  Gently work into the top layer of soil.  Water well, and set outside in a sunny location.

???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

After about 5-7 days, the grass is making progress…


In another few days, the grass will be ready for doing an Easter tablescape.  There is still time to grow your own grass before Easter if you plant in the next couple of days.

The pictures below were made last year, and were done for a garden club demonstration.  Look for more pictures of incorporating grass in floral Easter designs soon.


In the two pictures below, clumps of rye grass were placed around the urn.

???????? ????????

To design your own Easter basket, purchase seasonal flowers at your local market, and utilize the fresh blooms in your own garden.

Tulips, hydrangeas, star gazer lilies,  forsythia, pear blossoms, Ligustrum,  and cuttings of Loropetalum and Golden Sunrise Spirea are great choices to bring a breath of spring to your home.


Select baskets and place oasis soaked liners in them.


Carefully insert forsythia around the handle into the oasis.

???????? ????????



Stems of hydrangea are added first since the stems are more dense and woody.


Tulips and star gazer lilies are inserted next.

???????? ????????

Below delicate  Bradford Pear blossoms and Golden Sunrise Spirea are added.

???????? ????????

Loropetalum and statice  add vibrant pops of pink and purple hues to the baskets.

???????? ????????

Mist the completed arrangement with water.




Hopefully, you will be inspired with the fresh colors of the spring palette to create your own natural and uncontrived living Easter basket to enjoy in your home or perhaps as a gift for a friend…




Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness. – Floyd W. Tomkins



5 thoughts on “Living Easter Baskets

    • Bonnie, I have gotten inspiration from many people over the years. I am reminded red often of your beautiful arrangements for the antebellum gala at PCS as well as the flower arranging tutorials and hospitality workships you did with the teenage girl Bible studies!

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