It’s All Very Highclere: Celebrating Another Season of Downton Abbey

Downton abbey 7


The glamour, the fashions, the thrilling romances, the elegant dinner parties, the drama both upstairs and downstairs – these are just a few of the reasons millions of fans have tuned in to watch the last five seasons of Downton Abbey, the period British drama that gives us a glimpse into the opulent period and style of Victorian England.  Like millions of other fans worldwide, I, along with my own special group of Downton Abbey “addicts” have joined the Crawley family for the past five seasons to savor the intriguing interlaced drama that centers around the country estate of Highclere. No one could argue why it is the highest-rated drams in PBS history.

Although our group continues to grow each season, several members of the first season were featured in the September, 2014 issue of Dothan Magazine.


Other members of our group actually toured Highclere Castle in the summer of 2013.


Each Sunday night in January and February finds us watching intently as each episode unfolds.  Having acquired a Victorian/early Edwardian collection of furs, hats, gloves, and other fashions, another essential wardrobe item are our official Downton Abbey t-shirts!

Pictured below are a few scenes from seasons past….

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1560606_10203240918812486_538993746_n 484894_10200435982328284_622772739_n

1521939_10202992432040472_1220846115_n 1779124_10203136054270938_1703794791_n

Highlights of this season  . . .


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The Women of Downton Abbey even dazzled  the cover of Harper’s Bazaar several months ago . . .

downton abbey 5 downton abbey 2

The garden inspired floral design of the opulent Victorian era immediately captured my interest early on in the series.  I’ll never forget the infamous annual Downton Village Flower Show from Season One.

downton abbey 16

As tradition would have it, Violet Crawley, the Dowager of Grantham, won the trophy each year for “Best Bloom” in the show solely based on her position in the village.  When confronted by Isobel Crawley as to the fairness of this practice, Violet reconsidered her prize and gave her award to the gardener who was more deserving.

4841c454f5dcda62a1c4014788d03081 downton-abbey-5-dowager-countess

Gorgeous silver epergnes, candelabras, trumpet vases and compotes filled with flowers such as  fern, ivy, foxglove, roses, freesia, jasmine, passion flowers, stock, roses, and hydrangea created breath-taking  vignettes in the formal dining room as well as in the reception areas.

Downton abbey 12 downton abbey 10

downton abbey 15

Flowers play an integral role in the romantic encounters of the series.  Without a doubt, Downton Abbey inspired floral design is trending in current wedding floral design.

mary matthew wedding downton abbey stairs


downton abbey 18

downton abbey 14

In 2014, the beautiful grandiflora rose, Anna’s Promise, was named for Anna Bates, the beloved head housemaid on the series.


To cap off the 5th season of Downton Abbey, our group gathered to celebrate in grand British style with a tea party to commemorate the finale.  A gorgeously appointed table covered with a vintage linen tablecloth and arrangements of camellia, hydrangea, roses, Smilax, and Nandina was the setting for  a  sumptuous array of delicacies:   scones with lemon curd and clotted cream, miniature almond cakes topped with fresh raspberries, Yorkshire Pudding, Toad in the Hole, strawberries, lemon glazed tea cakes, tea sandwiches, cheese straws, cream puffs, petit flours, and TEA, of course.


???????? ????????



“The business of life is acquisition of memories”.  Carson


Until next season . . .


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