Floral Design from the Heart

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, who has not been inundated with the almost endless displays of roses, tulips, lilies, cylamen, tulips, hydrangea that are spilling out of practically any type of store you frequent!  I even spotted  some rather lovely roses displayed on the checkout counter at Dollar General!

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Peonies rank way up on my list anytime of the year!


While I admire feasting on these spectacular flowers, my favorite blooming shrub this time of year is the camellia.  Although the first cold snap was unkind to these southern favorites in our area, the recent warm weather has sent a resurgence of blooms.  Below I created a simple Valentine’s display that would work with any type of fresh flower if you are not fortunate to have access to camellias.

A heart shaped pan forms the basis for this arrangement.


I have a couple of potted succulents in my kitchen window that have been thriving there for several months, and decided to incorporate those to create interest and texture.


Carefully remove the succulent from the plastic pot, and remove some of the dirt. 


Place in a sturdy plastic ziploc freezer bag.


Place in the center of the pan.  Fill pan with water.  Arrange flowers are the periphery as desired.  I tucked some sheet moss around the edges.


A heart shaped design is easily created with this process.  Some of the red camellias almost resemble roses!


Another easy design is to hand tie small clusters of flowers togethre and secure with a pipe cleaner.  I used green from the floral supply store, but you could even use a rubber band.

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A small bouquet is created.  Transfer it to a vintage container like milk glass for an aesthetically pleasing display.

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One of my favorite ways to use fresh flowers is with garnishing.  A platter of miniature heart-shaped almond cakes and a Pink Velvet cake for a dear friend’s birthday this week gave me just the opportunity to do this.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share Ann Voskamp’s reflections on love:

Hey Soul? Valentine’s Day Gospel-truth:
You’re infinitely messier than you dared admit
& you are infinitely more loved than you ever dared dream.  “Do you think anyone can drive a wedge between you & Christ’s love for you? No way! Not trouble, not hard times, not hatred — absolutely NOTHING can get between you & God’s love because of the way that Jesus has embraced you.”  Romans 8:31 (The Message)

No matter what Hallmark is selling today, Jesus wraps you close: You are infinitely more loved than you ever dared dream.                       -Ann Voskamp


Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day!


4 thoughts on “Floral Design from the Heart

  1. Oh my, Mary Lise…….I can not get over how incredibly gifted you are in everything you do! The heart shaped arrangement you made is soooo sweet and lovely! I know you are a fabulous cook…..and baker! So what you baked and designed to give to your friend was exquisite! I love how you share & relate your love for Christ within your writings. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing AND photography with us……you are PRECIOUS! 💖

  2. loved all the pretty flowers and floral designs you made. i cant wait til spring,it is so cold and raining and sleeting..Hope it is better weather their.

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