Pumpkin Patch Farms of Blue Mountain – A North Mississippi Tradition

Nothing says fall like the appearance of colorful pumpkins, and this time of year they are showing up abundantly in grocery stores, garden centers and local farmers markets.  Pumpkins and fall just seem to go hand in hand, heralding the change of seasons. However, I never feel that I have truly experienced the fall season until I have made an annual excursion to gather my own pumpkins!

Last weekend my oldest son and I were scouting out fall pumpkins while visiting in my hometown of Pontotoc.  After doing a little research ourselves as well as getting a favorable recommendation about a “real” pumpkin farm located about 30 miles north of  Pontotoc,  we couldn’t wait to embark on our little field trip.  Pumpkin Patch Farms, located in the quaint college town of Blue Mountain, is easily accessible from Hwy. 15 or Hwy. 78.  Coming here has become somewhat of a fall tradition here in North Mississippi for the past seventeen years.  Owned by Clay and Shannon Meeks, Pumpkin Patch Farms is a harbinger of everything fall.  Hundreds of people have already enjoyed the family friendly activities here this season.  Not only are there pumpkins to pick, but there are also pony rides, playground attractions, a petting zoo, and covered wagon rides to fill an afternoon.

Jarradale, White Boer Ford, Long Island Cheese, and Fairy Tale are some of the wonderful varieties of pumpkins that are available..

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Pictured below is a variety of squash known as Cushaw that is lovely for fall arrangments.


Daisy Mae’s Bakery and Country store, also located on the property, is filled with homemade fall treats such as sweet potato butter, molasses, honey, sourdough bread, and other delectable baked goods.

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Festive fall displays of gourds, pumpkins and mums are artistically arranged around entrances as well as in antique farm implements..

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The farm animals, pony rides, and petting zoo are a big attraction..

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Pictured below are more scenes around the farm..

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Covered wagon rides  provide a scenic tour to the pumpkin fields.


Notice the vibrant  pumpkin blooms!  Clay pointed out that there are two different kinds of pumpkin  flowers, male and female.  Only the female flowers will develop into pumpkins!

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A little souvenir pumpkin arrangement lasted just a few hours!

2013-10-19 13.21.44

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Whether you are five or fifty, I can think of no better way to spend a glorious autumn day than at this picturesque farming hamlet.


2013-10-02 17.59.51 2013-09-30 15.19.48


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

                                                 -Anne of Green Gables


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Farms of Blue Mountain – A North Mississippi Tradition

  1. “Clay pointed out that there are two different kinds of pumpkin flowers, male and female. Only the female flowers will develop into pumpkins!”

    I guess that’s why women have “pumpkin bellies” or look like we’ve “swallowed a pumpkin” when we’re pregnant! ;P

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