A Haven for Hydrangeas

Linda Bailey’s west Dothan garden is a reflection of her love for hydrangeas.  Over a span of some 30 years she has created a haven for many different varieties of hydrangeas. Her extensive knowledge of the growing process them as well as the different species is quite impressive.  She credits her Mother, also, with getting […]

Summer Floral Design

Look no further than your garden or a quick excursion to your favorite grocery or wholesale club’s floral department to create long-lasting arrangements to bring beauty to your home this summer. My business partner, Vicki Harris, purchased these magnificent French tulips at Sam’s a few months ago for around $15.00.  She arranged them artfully in […]


The serenity of green and white is always a favorite combination when I  do centerpieces or tablescapes. White, a symbol of purity, is especially appropriate for new beginnings such as weddings, however, I love it for almost every occasion. The hues of creamy white and ivory are my special favorites. In fact, there are as […]


Although I love the allure of the gorgeous hues in the spring and summer garden, I am partial to the simplicity of green and white flower arrangements year round.  The palate of green and white is simple, serene, and soothing. Sometimes just an effortless arrangement of  variegated foliage in a vase can make an elegant […]