A Haven for Hydrangeas

Linda Bailey’s west Dothan garden is a reflection of her love for hydrangeas.  Over a span of some 30 years she has created a haven for many different varieties of hydrangeas. Her extensive knowledge of the growing process them as well as the different species is quite impressive.  She credits her Mother, also, with getting her gardening “genes”.  In fact, her Mother contributed bushes as well as helped her maintain the garden at one point.   A Rose of Sharon tree dominates one large area of her garden, providing beautiful cup-shaped fuchsia flowers as a backdrop for one of her massive hydragea beds.




Linda incorporates lovely containers into her landscape design  that add more pops of color and texture. Carefully placed  statuary, natural stone pavers, whimsical birdhouses, and serene fountains contribute to the garden’s appeal.IMG_5872IMG_5877Linda has masterfully created garden rooms throughout her spacious shady garden with banana plants, caladium, hosta, and a variety of ferns and other shade loving plants.




Linda is so generous with the hundreds of hydrangea blooms in her garden. I came to cut a few blooms for an arrangement, and, at her insistence,  left with dozens of pristine blooms.  I loved arranging them in my own home as well as sharing some with friends and an assisted living facility.



Linda, a retired educator, has had more time to garden in recent years.  However, spending time with her precious grandchildren takes top billing!

She is conveying her love of gardening to a new generation!  (Those have to be record breaking Elephant Ears!)


Thanks, Linda, for sharing your love of gardening!




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