2016 Spring Garden Tour-Today and Sunday



Dothan’s annual spring Home Garden Tour, sponsored by Botanical Garden Club, is a two day stroll through five  private gardens as well as the Dothan Area Botanical Garden.  Check out these unique gardens to simply enjoy their magnificence or to find ideas and inspiration for your own garden. I still have two more gardens to tour tomorrow, however, I will recap the ones I have already visited.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens:  Check out more than 15 specialty gardens including the herb, rose, butterfly, Asian and Day lily gardens.  Don’t miss the Coleman Tropical House with its large selection of tropical plants.


The Dunseth Garden at 113 North Englewood:  This spectacular sunny garden is filled with roses, perennials, annuals as well as grasses.  You will want to linger down the garden paths to explore the 250 foot area of rose covered pergola. The garden features sculpture created by Chuck Dunseth in 1961 as well as two historical church spires from Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbia, SC.  The garden is maintained solely by Sue and Chuck.






The Filmore Garden at 202 Asborough Circle (Jamestown):  The Filmore’s garden is characterized by straight lines and formal greenery. A feature of the garden is the enclosed “Mary Garden” which is planted with flowers and plants named for Our Lady and Jesus. You may even hear the church bells from St. Columba Catholic Church during your visit – the Filmore’s favorite garden feature.



Valerie and Jeremy Vinson (Jamestown):  The courtyard garden, centered by a beautiful fountain, is graced by both sunny and shady areas.  This evergreen filled garden is not to be missed.  A fairy garden, placed appropriately at the base of a tree, will appeal to all ages.  A large outdoor room features a lovely dining area and sitting area.



The two remaining gardens are on my afternoon garden tour agenda tomorrow afternoon.  They both get rave reviews as well.

Betty and Johnny Kelly at 1162 Woodham Road:  This English styled garden, referred to as “Bibury”, was named after an English village in Gloucestershire.  Features include a cathedral-type cypress porch, a multitude of flowers vines and visiting birds as well as “Blue Glory”, an old 1950’s era tenant house converted to an English cottage.

Beverly and George Maxwell at 229 Prestwick Blvd:  Located in Highlands South, this charming garden feature a breezy porch, which provides the perfect spot for the owners to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

There is still time to enjoy the 2016 garden tour.  Tickets may be purchased at any of the gardens on Sunday from 1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.  Come out and support The Dothan Area Botanical Gardens.  Contact the Gardens office at (334)-793-3224 for information on becoming a DABG member.







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