Timeless Florals for Valentine’s Day


Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day dates back to the 1700’s when Charles II of Sweden introduced the language of flowers to Europe.   For a quick history of this holiday:  Saint Valentine was credited with demonstrating courage and valor in helping Christian martyrs being persecuted under Emperor Claudius II in Rome. Soon after this he was condemned to death.   A legend states that while awaiting execution, he befriended the jailer’s blind daughter whose sight he restored to her.  The jailer and his entire family converted to Christianity.  On the eve of his death, he wrote a farewell message to the jailer’s daughter. The celebration of  Valentine’s Day evolved from this popular legend.


Roses, especially those in the hues of pink and red, are the flowers that have been traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day since Victorian times. However, the plentiful supply of brilliant tulip blooms in floral shops (and peaking through the ground in south Alabama!) is reason to celebrate the fact the spring is just around the corner.

A miniature fuschia azalea bush, delicate pink tulips, and roses in antique shades of pink, white , and red were arranged in a classic urn to celebrate Valentine’s Day .  While the cut flowers will be beautiful for up to ten days, the azalea can be planted in a landscape for many years of continuing beauty.





Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!



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