Christmas Tea Honors Local Author


Celeste, resplendent in a vintage 60’s ensemble, greeted all the guests.

Celeste Conner came into my life about five years when I attended a viewing of Downton Abbey at her home, and I soon felt as though we had known each other a lifetime.  Her humor, sincerity, grace, and zeal for life are quickly transmitted the minute one is in her presence!  Celeste and I began blogging about the same time, and have had fun sharing our experiences even though our subjects are quite different.  Celeste’s blog, Blabberings, recounts stories of her life growing up in the 60’s as well as recent reflections of raising her three, almost grown, twin daughters and son.  Her blog posts of small town Southern humor were so popular that many of us begged her to write a book.  So in May of 2015, her first book entitled Blabberings was published.  And what could be more appropriate than giving this newly published author a book launch party!  See this post for more information:

With the vast popularity of book one, a second book was inevitable!  So last week a Christmas Tea was held to celebrate the publication of Blabberings – I’ve Got More to Say.  Vicki Martin opened her lovely home for tea, conversation,  and lots of “blabberings”.



What a festive time we had celebrating friendships and the joy of the season!







The Martin home was beautifully appointed for the Christmas season..





Of course, I had to include beautiful outside garden scenes . . .



Emma, Celeste’s lovely daughter, has knitted about 150 of these adorable babies which she gives as gifts as well as sells.  She has knitted 20 out of a personal goal of 100 to take to Guatemala on a mission trip trip next summer.  Emma can be found on Facebook at EmmaKnittedit.



A recent post from Celeste:

I haven’t checked your Christmas list, but I know who’s on it. Rather, I know who hasn’t been marked off yet. I know whom you still have to buy for. And I know you’re beginning to fret about it.

Granny Edith – You don’t want to give her lotion again, but merciful heavens, there is no room on that sofa table for another picture.

Uncle Archie – He’s a crotchety soul, and what do you buy for an old man anyway?! A young man is difficult enough.

The Jeffersons – The kindly couple next door always gives something to your children. You usually give them a fruit basket, but they can buy their own fruit at the Winn Dixie and get gas points.

My dear fellow blabberers, I’ve got your back. I’ve got you covered. I’ve got the perfect gift for you to give.

I had so much festive fun with Blabberings that I’ve got another book, just in time for the holidays, just to help you out, just to steady your Christmas jitters.

It’s called Blabberings: “I’ve got more to say.” It’s even got some holiday blabberings in it.

The book is $10. I’ll deliver it to you, if you live in or near Dothan.

Shipping is $4. I can get it to you before Christmas, if you let me know in the next couple days. (Send me a private message or an email to

I’ll wrap it for an extra buck.

I’ll don a Santa hat, read a few tales, and dance a jig, if necessary (but that’ll cost ya).

Merry Christmas. Thanks for a colorful year.

“God bless us everyone.” (I didn’t write that.)


Celeste can be contacted on Facebook at Blabberings by Celeste or



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