A Retirement Worth Celebrating – The Educational Legacy of Karen May

A friend like Karen May comes along once in a lifetime. I am grieving her passing, but am thankful for the gift of her friendship. This post was done in May, 2014, shortly after Karen retired. Please pray for her sweet family.


Karen May is one of those rare friends who comes along in a lifetime.  For over 20 years I have been nurtured by her friendship.    There are a multitude of words that describe Karen,  and her hundreds of friends, family members, and former students can certainly attest to that.  Empathetic, sacrificing, loving, selfless, faithful, unconditional acceptance, compassionate, unassuming, diligent – these are yet just a few qualities that characterize Karen.  For 38 years, she faithfully served as an elementary school librarian here in Dothan.  There were no discernable boundaries between her profession and her ministry.  She considered the pupils she taught each day like her own children.  When she saw a child in need, she responded with love and compassion immediately.  It was not unusual for her to teach two generations of a family.  A couple of weeks ago, friends, family, and educators gathered at The Depot to pay…

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