Happy Easter!

Celebrating the joy of our risen Savior!  Mary Nita and Darrell Smith’s Easter display and beautifully landscaped yard (shown in the next four photographs) are reminders of the beauty and simplicity of the gospel..





My friend, Lisa Williams, of Good Eye Girl Photography, shared the next two captivating photographs that were made at Gaucho Farms a few weeks ago.

10995291_938001596230644_1504176690397547722_o(1) 10857319_938001476230656_2877015467988090255_o

 Celebrating the gifts of our omnipresent God bursting forth today in nature and in every living thing…


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This beautiful resurrection message from Ann Voskamp reminds me of the many reasons we celebrate today:

“You took fire so we could walk free. You took violence so we could be victors. You took hell so we could be healed.

Sin hurt You far deeper than the spikes.

And You let the horrors of satan take a swipe at You so that all horrific sin could be wiped clean.

And You knew it all along.

You were conceived into skin for the Cross — the cave of that manger beginning glimpsing the cave of Your Messiah, martyred endings.

You who had no beginning, You were born for this, for the blood –

that we might be reborn to life.”


Wishing you the joys of Easter!


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