All Nature Sings of His Glory

Everywhere it’s suddenly spring here in south Alabama – from the fresh infusion of the rich colors of daffodils, tulips,  forsythia, and azaleas to the monochromatic whites and pale pinks of Bradford Pear and cherry trees, “all nature sings”!    What a glorious weekend to celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection this Easter season brings.

Rows of Bradford Pear trees create canopies of white in many neighborhoods.. ???????? ????????


???????? Japanese maple blooms have been spectacular this season.. ??????????? ?????????? I spotted this towering Star Magnolia a few weeks ago.  These pictures simply do not do it justice.  I did manage to introduce myself to the home’s owner, and I think I might just have “cutting rights” in the future! ??????????? ??????????? ?????????? Lakewood Design Group is well known for their combinations of tulips and pansies each spring in both residential and commercial areas.  I look forward to their stunning spring displays of color each spring. ????????

Cascading branches of wisteria are showing out in local gardens and on the roadside. ??????????


Shown below are images from the garden of Marie Stone, a Master Gardener in every respect!




Cherry tree blossoms


The native Cherokee rose

Marie shared the picture below with me several years ago, and how perfectly it just captures the message of new birth that spring and Easter bring.. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Rejoice in the flowers of the season  . . .

?????????? ???????? ?????????? ???????????





Cherry blossoms

??????????????????????????????? I am uncertain of the identity of the tree in the following two photographs, photographed at Grove Park, but the blooms are glorious! ???????? ???????? What a myriad of spring color . . .


Carolina Jasmine




This gorgeous Photinia tree is growing in the garden district of Dothan in the yard of Ginger and Win Pratt.  Thanks, Ginger, for identifying it for me! ????????


Snow Lady Clematis





If only Spirea (Bridal Wreath)  bloomed all year long! ??????????????????????????????? ??????????? The Japanese Snowball, one of my Mother’s favorites as well as mine, is blooming early this year – just in time for Easter!  The delicate clusters of blooms are truly heavenly!  She also referred to this tree as a Chinese Vibernum. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Create simple, yet gorgeous arrangements in your home for the spring and Easter season using fresh blooms of the season that nature has so perfectly provided.. Cathy Denney created this stunning arrangement using Japanese Magnolia for a recent party at her home. ???????????

Combine fresh spring blooms with flowers from a florist or floral department for an easy arrangement that says “Welcome, Spring!” ???????? ????????

Below is an explosion of spring color showcasing Lady Bank’s roses, azaela, and pansies from the garden of Jennifer and Joe Steever. ???????????

Bradford Pear tree blossoms create a simple, but artistic tablescape.  Add pottery birds or rabbits to complete the vignette.  My favorites are McCarty pottery from Merigold, MS. ???????? ????????

Christen Price captured this gorgeous photograph of pear blossoms against the backdrop of a church window in Auburn, and she was so kind to let me publish it.. 10928192_10102814838991961_6030078311211387444_n

“Hosanna!  Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord.  Hosanna in the highest”.

                                                                                                                      Matthew 21:9

Wishing you the blessings of the Lord and the joy of Palm Sunday!


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