Limelight Hydrangea: The Garden Gift that Gives All Year Round


120713_0001 (1)

The Limelight hydrangea’s vibrant lime green to almost white blooms is without a doubt my favorite hydrangea and my favorite flower in general.  If I could have only one blooming plant in my yard, it would, hands down, be this stunning, show stopper hydrangea!  In fact, I almost have an obsession with them.  I first planted some about 5 years ago, and every year I add additional ones to my garden.  They are super easy to maintain (with lots of help from our yard maintenance and landscape design service, Lakewood Landscape Group:  Each year I can hardly wait to decorate with the bounty of dried hydrangea that was harvested in the summer and fall.  They are gorgeous in simple basket displays and I couldn’t do without them combined with fresh bittersweet in the fall, greenery for Christmas decorating, and for spring arrangements.  I have displays of them in several…

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