A Heart of Gratitude

Approaching Thanksgiving with a grateful heart today reminds me of the debit of gratitude we should have toward God on a daily basis.   The spirit of thanksgiving should be a daily journey for us all not only on Thanksgiving Day, but each day of the year.

The splendor and transition of nature is one of the gifts of which I am most thankful.

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A sweet friend, Leisa Owens, shared the persimmons from a neighbor’s tree, and her lovely rustic arrangement is shown below.

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The contrasting orange and coral hues of persimmons, fresh Bittersweet, miniature pumpkins, and roses are one of my favorite combinations for the autumn season.

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“A life of praise and thanksgiving becomes a life filled with miracles.  Instead of trying to be in control, you focus on Me and what I am doing.  This is the power of praise; centering your entire being in Me.  This is how I created you to live, for I made you in My own image.  Enjoy abundant life by overflowing with praise and thankfulness”.  Sarah Young


Have a blessed Thanksgiving….


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