Three Weddings and a Funeral



During the past week, I have had the pleasure of celebrating with three dear families in three different states as they rejoiced in their children’s’ wedding celebrations.  In the midst of all the wedding festivities, a lovely, gracious Southern lady and Mother to a good friend of mine, departed this earthly life.  And what a tribute to her life at the graveside service on a gorgeous autumn day – the legacy of her influence and passion for the Lord  which will have eternal ramifications for her family.  Although commemorating  the union of two people and mourning someone’s earthly departure elicit different emotions,  there is a common thread: they bring friends and family members together.  Since four generations were represented at the weddings I attended, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the profound influence and wisdom that parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents bring to our lives. During my travels this week, I have had a lot of time for personal reflection.  I began thinking about the frailty of life, and how vital loving and forgiving is to experiencing God’s grace and peace.  All of sudden I began to reassess how I spend my hours.  I am challenged to cast away the petty and unimportant things in my life, to focus on the positive and to cultivate more thanksgiving in my life.  Life does seem to occur in seasons, and the lessons learned in each one help mature us and carry us to the next.

Below are more wedding photographs and gorgeous flowers to savor . . .

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As I drove into the lovely entrance and grounds of the memorial gardens for the graveside service mid-week, I was literally flabbergasted  at the fall “reblooming” of two of my very favorites, Japanese Snowball and Endless Summer hydrangea.  I never recall having seen them bloom this late in the season.  What a magnificent gift to memorialize a beautiful life that was marked by faith and hope in an eternal home!

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A beautiful rendition of the old spiritual , Beulah Land, was sung at the service.  This is an excerpt.

“A sweet perfume upon the breeze
Is borne from ever vernal trees,
And flow’rs that never fading grow
Where streams of life forever flow.”

From the last fall rose blooms  . . . .


To the first camellia bloom of the season . . .


Embrace the beauty of each day!

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