A Bounty of Harvest for Fall Floral Design

What is there not to love about this glorious change of seasons!  God’s workmanship seems to be at its very peak of grandeur during the autumn as leaves in hues of magenta, red, yellow, and gold glow in the calm, blue October skies, berries transition to tones of red and orange, harvest fields are dotted with bales of hay, stalks of sorghum, and vibrant sunflowers.  The gorgeous colors and unique textures of the autumn harvest keep my floral design “juices” flowing!

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 Nandina, pictures below, dries beautifully and is one of my “go to” sources of fall foliage.


 American Beautyberry, is purple perfection!  I love incorporating this pop of color into arrangements.  I have a special affinity for Beautyberry because my Mother loved it so much.  I can remember my Mother pulling over to the roadside, grabbing rubber boots and clippers, and filling up her trunk with this gorgeous berry.


I came across this patch of lovely ornamental grass which is also used in floral design.


  Fiery Pyracantha berries are magnificent in our part of south Alabama.


Abundant fields of  my favorite wildflower, Golden Rod, have been in full bloom for the past month.  Although many people have allergies to this common wildflower, it looks lovely in floral design.


Large-flowered, tufted heads of sorghum are ideal for fall floral design.  Classified as an ornamental corn, it was actually named dried flower of the year in 2008 by the Association of specialty Cut Flower Growers.

 ???????? ???????? Quintessential Limelight hydrangeas add just the right touch of sage green to floral arrangements.


Nothing says fall like fall like vibrant fields of shining sunflowers . . .

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Containers such as wooden bowls, weathered crates, baskets, copper and brass as well as pottery are excellent for creating floral tablescapes for your own home.  Try a hanging a rustic basket on your door to welcome guests or dressing up your front entrance with colorful swags and urns with seasonal greenery, fruit, pumpkins, or gourds.   Most everything in the arrangements below were harvested from nature.  So grab your gloves, clippers, and your rubber boots and create a masterpiece of your own to enjoy for many weeks.

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Assorted pumpkins, greenery, ornamental kale, crab apples, and persimmons add seasonal color at the base of an urn.


Cascades of magnolia, juniper, Nandina, Elaeagnus, and grapevine formed the structure for the swags on either side of a front entryway. Sunflowers and Pyracantha berries were added to finish the display.

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Note the heads of sorghum at the top of the arrangement.


Dried Limelights, bittersweet from New England, Nandina, Magnolia, kale, Ligustrum berries, and miniature pumpkins convert an antique dough bowl into a fall masterpiece for a dining table. The cut grapefruit is a little unexpected, but adds texture and color.


More harvest centerpieces  . . . .????????????????????????????????


“God, all nature sings Thy glory, and Thy works proclaim Thy might;

 Ordered vastness in the heavens, ordered course of day and night;

Beauty in the changing seasons, beauty in the storming sea;

All the changing moods of nature praise the changeless Trinity.” – David Clowney

Enjoy the gift of this beautiful fall day!  Until next time…


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