Lots of Limelights

There is no doubt that my obsession with hydrangeas, particularly limelight hydrangeas, will ever wane.  In the oppressive heat of the Southern summer the Limelight hydrangea with its cool, green blooms comes to the rescue!  The geographic conditions here in lower Alabama seem to be ideal for the proliferation of these heavenly flowers.  In addition, they have been one of the main staples of my floral design this summer with my business, Garden Gate.  Before the summer comes to a close, I wanted to share some of the magnificent blooms I photographed in the area.

Featured below are limelights in their early blooming season toward the end of June.  I love the chartreuse color of the early blooms.

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 Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’, vigorous and rapid growers, thrive best in full sun. These disease and insect resistant shrubs provide a range of seasonal color as they turn from lime green to a pink hue as their blooms persist into autumn.  

The images below were made in July and the first of August..



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  Renowned professional gardener and popular television personality, P. Allen Smith, describes limelights as “stop the car” kind of shrubs, that have a “chameleon-like quality of changing colors through the seasons”. 



Limelights are garden gifts that keep giving all year long – from their gorgeous appeal in summer arrangements to the dried blooms that can be enjoyed for months to come. 

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 Truly limelights reign in the Southern summer garden!


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