Dreaming of Daffodils

While in Mississippi last weekend, I couldn’t resist photographing the glorious abundance of daffodils which are making their spring debut.   After a long, cold and colorless winter, daffodils sing of hope of joy!  Their sunny blooms, although short-lived, just make the day seem worry free and brighter.  In my last post, I pointed out the cheerful bed of daffodils surrounding the old Bodock tree that divides the property  between the home of my family and our neighbors, the Peeples. Jean and Bill Peeples have created a tranquil sitting area under the tree with this lovely wrought iron settee and chairs, and this time of year, I cannot think of a better place to sit, meditate, and smell the sweetly scented jonquils and daffodils.

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Daffodils have a relatively short life span, but their availability, affordability, and sunny blooms definitely compensate for this factor.  I cut the daffodils pictured below mid-morning, and after traveling six hours with them, they surprisingly lasted for a couple of days.

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I placed bunches of daffodils in tall glass cylinders that are nestled in rattan containers.  I used a few Cast Iron plant leaves to camouflage the space at the top of the vases.  A vintage blue cloth that was my Grandmother’s creates a pretty vignette.

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Even my cat has a case of spring fever!

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When doing flower arrangements, look no further than your cabinets, garage, or attic space to find containers that can totally be repurposed to create a unique display.  The cylinder containers below were used years ago at my Daddy’s family practice office while the small cup on the left was a 25th wedding anniversary gift to him from my Mother. I then placed three of the cylinders on a pewter tray, and created height by elevating it on an aluminum cake stand.

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The skies can’t keep their secret!  They tell it to the hills  – The hills just tell the orchards – And they the daffodils!”    –  Emily Dickinson

I hope your weekend is filled with all the wonders of spring..



4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Daffodils

  1. Oh that beautiful tree is such a wonderful sight for all those who pass it each year. I recently passed through your part of the country on my way to see family. I purchased some hibiscus while passing thru. It’s still soooo cold in North MS. The Dogwood was blooming in FL. Waiting for spring. Thanks for bringing it thru your blog. Belinda

  2. Mary Lise…what a delightful post!
    The flowers are beautiful in front of the wrought iron chairs. But…the massive tree behind them all captured my eye as well. I love all the gorgeous flower arrangements you created. Truly …. a feast for my eyes.
    In our neck of the woods…we might be lucky to see a green inch of daffodils showing above the soil. That is very little for this time of year. When it begins to warm up they should start shooting up. I truly can’t wait to see them. You are right…it’s been a long colorless winter. Although I guess white is the presence of all color and we’ve had more than our fair share of it. 😉 Thanks for this breath of springtime.

    May your week be filled more extraordinary beauty!!

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