In Praise of Spring!

What a difference a week makes!  With temperatures in the low 70’s lower Alabama is experiencing a true taste of spring.  While perusing local garden centers and on my daily run this weekend, the vibrant busts of wondrous spring color forecasts the promise of spring and new life…





I spotted a few azaleas just starting to bloom..


I look forward each spring to the captivating blooms of this Japanese Magnolia tree in my neighborhood..


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More gorgeous camellias and breath taking spring blooms from the garden of Rhoda Webber..



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March brings forth the delicate golden blooms of Forsythia –  a true sign of Spring. . .


Masses of tulips and pansies, which are a spring trademark of Lakewood Landscape Group in Dothan, are a spectacle of loveliness.

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Finally – some white camellias blooms in my yard..



A simple camellia arrangement in a dough bowl that belonged to my great-grandmother, treasured by my Mother,  sits on the breakfast table .  I only wished these bloomed year round!


Below are images of a two churches in the Algoma community of Pontotoc County in Mississippi near where I was born and raised.  Old Monroe Presbyterian Church, a historical Presbyterian church, was pastored by my music teacher’s husband, the Reverend John Wilson, in the 60’s and 70’s.  The church is full of charm and while it no longer has active members, I have been told that “Dinner on the Grounds” is still enjoyed here on occasions.

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Algoma United Methodist Church, just off the Tanglefoot Trail, brings back childhood memories of attending revivals here.

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Leaving you this gorgeous Sunday with worshipful thoughts from Canyon Road by Kari Kristina Reeves:

“God in your majesty, you have made all that is seen and unseen.

God, in your strength, you sustain the course of the earth, the balance of its axis; you tend the systems of nature with delicate precision.

God, in your greatness, you provided a Savior to remove our wrongdoings from your sight, to rescue us from darkness, to bring us into light, to restore all that is ruined within and without.

God, in your love, you have granted us your Spirit,

to guide, to teach, to convict, and to comfort.

We worship you, Jesus,

Desiring your reign, your rule, your pleasure, your joy”.

3 thoughts on “In Praise of Spring!

  1. Mary Lise….spring has surely arrived for you! What beauty! And just what I needed today! It will be a good month or two before I start seeing the beautiful blossoms you are enjoying.

    I love how each blossom glorifies our Creator. Spring seems to truly tell of HIS beauty and splendor.

    May your new week be filled with extraordinary moments!

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