A Glimpse of Spring

The transition to spring is just around the corner.  Hopefully, the worst of the frigid temperatures, ice, and snow has passed.  Although garden centers look a little desolate right now, in just a couple of weeks their inventory will be restocked with an endless supply of irresistible  spring annuals in a myriad of hues. Already in our part of the country, there are a few glimpses of spring.

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The prolific blooms of the Taiwan Cherry trees in our Southeast Alabama town of Dothan always remind me that spring is just around the corner . . .


I paused to snap a picture of this little pond while out on a run. What an idyllic picture of spring as the birds sang joyful hymns and a chorus of frogs were croaking against a peaceful sapphire sky!



The Lenten Rose (Helleboros orientalis)  which was a favorite of my Mother’s is just beginning to bloom in North Mississippi.



I did a post here that you might want to review on the Lenten Rose last spring: https://beautifulgardener.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/heavenly-hellebores-every-southern-garden-needs-them/

This gorgeous Lenten Rose was photographed by Laura Hambaugh in her Dothan garden a couple of weeks ago.


“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created Spring”. -Bern William

Early spring Mahonia growth..


Even the Dogwood is beginning to awaken with early stages of budding…

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My Mother’s Japanese Snowball was one of her very favorite spring garden delights.  I can see the transition occurring –


And I can look forward to this when I get back up here  in a month or so…


Fresh moss just makes me happy, and I love to keep an eye out for new sources!  Although dried moss can be substituted for the same effect, there is just something special  about digging up your own to use in floral design.



These daffodils are just beginning to bloom.  Within a week or so they will be even lovelier than the ones pictured at a local garden center a few days ago.

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Check out your local market or garden center for spring specialties like these to add a touch of spring color to your home.

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Orchids transcend any season!  With proper care, this beautiful yellow orchid in a simple ceramic pot, may even last until Easter!  Or try grouping a trio of orchids together for a centerpiece or adding one to a group of houseplants for an elegant centerpiece.

IMAG1691-1 IMAG1689-1 ???????????????????????????????

Try infusing a little early spring color into your home.



Even a simple houseplant in a bright, whimsical container can erase the winter doldrums!


A simple cascading container of English ivy is always in good taste.  You can even “dress” it up for a party or other occasion, but placing fresh cut flowers such as roses in water picks and scattering them in the ivy for an instant arrangement.

IMAG1695-1 IMAG1685-1

A bowl of crisp Granny Smith apples can give a dining table or sideboard just the punch of color your home needs.


And don’t neglect the entry areas of your home .  This primrose in an adorable bunny planter welcomed guests to my friend, Ginger’s home, a while back.  This burst of color will instantly transform your mood!


Even though the small potted begonias are just starting to bloom, they make a striking centerpiece with the hurricanes and adorable bird votives.

2014-02-17 14.33.09

My sentiments exactly – for spring cannot come soon enough!



“The bud itself is the miracle.  To watch the upthrust of a daffodil, to see it take form as a flower-to-be, to see the bud grow and take on the warmth of color-there is the very synthesis of spring”. Author Unknown

7 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Spring

  1. I love your blogs! They are always so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for including my bunny planter in this one…unfortunately the primrose got nipped with this frigid weather we have had. Maybe I’ll put impatiens there for the spring! Hoping spring comes soon!

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