Celebrating A Year of Blogging…

I have just celebrated my “blogging” anniversary!  Over ninety posts and a year later,  I am thankful for this new adventure.  My two sisters actually came up with the idea of my starting a  floral design inspired blog during Christmas of 2012.  I credit all of my floral design inspiration, love for flowers, and gardening to my Mother, Maxine McDaniel Patterson, who passed away in 2010.  She generously shared her prize-winning roses for over thirty years.  Whether doing weekly arrangements at our church, sharing with elderly or hospitalized friends or contributing to a wedding or community event, she so freely and lovingly shared her talents. With much trepidation, many prayers,  and after a couple of failed attempts at getting the proper hosting service and blog design, I finally successfully launched my desire to share my love of floral design as well as  to show God’s fingerprints on His creation. 

The name of my blog, “Beautiful Gardener”, came from the title of a poem that was given to my Mother by a family friend, Shirley Lowrey, in Pontotoc, Mississippi.  This poem was shared at her funeral in January of 2010.  My blog’s design header is a statue that overlooks the terrace at our family’s Mississippi home, and reminds me of my Mother each time I look at it.  The world of blogging is still quite new to me, and I will attest that I am still very “green”, and have much to learn.  However, I am grateful  for the new friendships it has opened, while at the same time, some old ties have been rekindled.  I am thankful to the many friends who continually encourage me to write and share my ideas and inspiration.  This blog has been somewhat therapeutic as I feel free to share personal reflections of my journey with the Lord during all seasons of life. 

I wanted to share a pictorial  recap of my blog journey over the past 12 months…

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“Gently steed our spirits, carrying with them dreams of flowers.”

-Henry Wordsworth

16 thoughts on “Celebrating A Year of Blogging…

  1. Happy anniversary! I was not aware you were new to blogging. Jennifer Jones made me aware and I just assumed you had been doing this for along time. I love to receive your latest creations. You embrace all of true southern hospitality that is rapidly becoming a lost art. Thank you the beauty you create and rejoicing in the wonderful old fashion and modern plants of the south. Opening our homes, creating beauty to welcome loved ones, using materials at hand, are all things our mothers and grandmothers did without thinking. I appreciate you taking the time to log this beautiful art. Maggie(Margaret Westberry) Perez

  2. I so enjoy seeing all your creations! Keep it up for all of us!!

    On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 2:27 PM, beautifulgardener wrote:

    > Mary Lise Parsons posted: “I have just celebrated my “blogging” > anniversary! Over ninety posts and a year later, I am thankful for this > new adventure. My two sisters actually came up with the idea of my > starting a floral design inspired blog during Christmas of 2012. I credit > “

      • Isn’t great to have had a Mama that taught us so many things that we didn’t understand at the time but became very aware of the importance of teaching us practically everything we use and have used in our journey? I miss playing in the dirt so much but I do not miss mowing just over an acre of a grass lawn every two weeks. The arrangements look as though inspired by nature and yet very professional. It is your photography skills that caught my attention right off the bat. Happy anniversary and may you have many, many, more.

      • I truly was blessed to have had my Mother’s influence for over 50 years. Her life continuously reflected her love for gardening, floral design, but most of all, her loving and generous spirit..

  3. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent of floral design with those of us who need direction to create a beautiful arrangement. I have enjoyed each photo,and words so eloquently written throughout this year. Thank you for bringing me back to the beauty of God’s creations in your encouraging blog. Though I did not get the gift of our Mother’s floral talents, you have given me the desire to try. Keep on giving and sharing. I can’t wait until I see your blog each time.

  4. Wow! These photographs are breathtaking! They remind me of all the beauty that God has given us to enjoy. We just have to choose to “see” it. Thank you sweet friend for sharing your gift and love.


    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks so much, Lori, for your encouragement. I truly cannot adequately capture the true splendor of His beauty, even with a good camera! I bet this is just a glimpse of what the heavenly gardens will be like!

  5. This such a sweet tribute to your Mother, a part of her in each photo. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement, Mitzi. Like you, I had the influence of a godly Mother for so many years. They both left wonderful legacies for their daughters and granddaughters. Hopebto see you soon…

  6. Oops! I guess I am new to this as well as I probably should have posted my reply here. Now I know. Is there a daughter to share the appreciation of our Father’s handy work? Just when I think that I have seen every plant and blossom in His garden, He always leads me to another that takes my breath away.

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