Rocky Mountain Inspiration

I am feeling thankful for God’s faithfulness and blessings today.  The images below capture the majesty of fall in the Rocky Mountains, and exemplify wilderness beauty at its best.  God’s presence can truly be experienced in a powerful way in the grandeur of these mountains – from the magical fall hues of the Aspen trees to the captivating retreats of its native wildlife.

“You formed the mountains by your power and armed yourself with mighty strength”.

Psalm 105:6







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“Those who live at the ends of the earth

stand in awe of your wonders.

From where the sun rises to where it sets,

you inspire shouts of joy”.

Psalm 65: 8


Much of my floral design inspiration over the years has come from trips to the Rocky Mountains.  Aspen tree inspired containers are wonderful for giving your home a rustic feel for the upcoming holidays as well as for almost any time of the year.  From weddings to parties to holiday celebrations, these tree inspired vessels bring the beauty of the woodlands into any setting. Adding antlers to a display creates even more of the mountain ambience.  You may even have a hunter in your family to provide a ready supply of antlers to use for decorating!  Reflecting the natural style, beauty and inspiration of the Rockies, these containers are incredibly versatile and unique.

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The two pictures below were made at a recent rehearsal dinner for a friend’s son at a fish camp in northern Alabama.  The natural, birch containers, filled with Staghorn fern, Kimberly fern, Pintas, Dusty Miller, and other annuals, were perfect in this venue. These containers could also be filled for the upcoming holidays with seasonal appropriate materials such as potted Croton.  For the Christmas season, substitute small potted Poinsettias to provide a touch of holiday color.



A mountain wedding reception from several years ago..


This lovely arrangement, which will last several days, could add holiday color in any area of your home.  The flowers can be purchased at your local florist or grocery store while the greenery could be cut fresh from your own garden.


A collection of small birch covered cylinders provides just the perfect display for a holiday dinner party or family celebration.  A combination of greenery such as cedar, pine, magnolia and freshly cut flowers makes a rustic but sophisticated statement on a dining table.   The possibilities are endless, and can be easily tailored to your taste and home decor.  Below fall leaves are incorporated with green and white hues for an autumn luncheon.  Without a doubt, these birch cylinders are among the most used containers I have in my collection.  The cylinders are simply placed over inexpensive clear glass cylinders to create the illusion of a cylinder vase. I have purchased them in the past on Ebay or at this online site:

IMAG0085 IMAG0084

Birch covered candles are also versatile for holiday decorating.  They can be purchased or easily crafted by adorning plain pillar candles with sheets of birch.


I hope this post has given you easy, creative ideas for conveying the natural beauty of God’s magnificent creation into your home.


“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest,

even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

The grasslands of the wilderness become a lush pasture,

and the hillsides blossom with joy.”

Psalm 65: 11-12

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