Harvest Themed Autumn Tablescapes

The bounty of the autumn harvest provides magnificent fruits of the season for enhancing the beauty of your home.  Since Halloween has come and gone,  many have turned their focus to Christmas holiday decor, however, I feel this is a bit premature, and love to extend my favorite season, fall, as long as I possibly can.  There are still many opportunities to celebrate the last weeks of this glorious,  sublime season and to prepare for  upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations. I am enamoured with the combination of fresh greenery, bittersweet, flowers and pumpkins. I have even been known to keep Jarrahdale and Cinderella pumpkins until Easter!  And, best of all, these arrangements are quite simple to do and can make a floral design statement on a dining table, mantle, entry way –  or just about anywhere in your home.  Look around your yard or take a nature walk in your area to gather the harvest of the season to personalize festive fall floral designs for your home. Take advantage of what is in season at local produce and grocery stores for vibrant fall blooms and produce.  Chances are you may have to look no further than your yard or your neighbor’s to gather a harvest of greenery, flowers or even produce to bring awe-inspiring fall splendor into your home.

One of the best markets to purchase fall pumpkins and produce, Durbain Farms, in Clanton, Alabama, just south of Birmingham.  Check out their website:  http://www.durbinfarms.com/


A simple display of pumpkins and bittersweet in a wooden bowl provides a wonderful fall display on a dining room table..


A  mantel display of fresh bittersweet is one of my favorite ways to decorate for the autumn season.


The abundance of sunflower fields is one of my favorite fall images.  Whether arranging them for a tablescape for entertaining or to enhance a tailgating experience (hopefully in The Grove!), they add a vibrant pop of color.

The images below are from the Aplin Farms in southeastern Alabama near Dothan. The sunflowers are proliferant here during October.

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These pictures were made in late August in Pontotoc, Mississippi’s Cherry Creek Orchards.

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Below are a few of my favorite displays of  Jarrahdale pumpkins.  Their blue-green hue looks lovely paired with fall leaves, greenery, dried hydrangeas and even fresh garden greens!


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One of my Mother’s favorite pastimes was scouring the countryside for flowers, berries and other materials that she could create arrangements with.  American Beautyberry was a favorite of hers.  A fall showstopper, this bush features cluster of tiny purple fruit, and attracts birds to the garden.  After cutting and leaving them in a bucket of water for a few weeks, they dry beautifully.  Below is a Beautyberry from my yard that bloomed mid-September.

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Now the harvested purple berries can be artfully tucked in floral displays for the fall and Thanksgiving season. A rustic basket of pumpkins, fresh garden greens, fall leaves, oranges, pine cones,  and Beautyberry is shown below.

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Ginkgo and maple tree leaves along holly berries surround a Cinderella pumpkin centered on a large round wooden platter.

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For an easy arrangement that can be assembled in just minutes, look no further than your local garden center or grocery store produce department.  Simply place a potted croton in a container, add a little decorative moss around the base.  Add fresh fruit and/or miniature pumpkins and you have an instant masterpiece!


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

  – Albert Camus


Savoring the majestic beauty of God’s creation and His overflowing blessings today…


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