A Mississippi/Alabama Romance



Copper ornaments crafted by Copperworx of Clinton, MS

I love everything about weddings – from festive prenuptial parties to the actual celebration of the “Big Day” itself.  Weddings are a joyous time to reunite family members and  relatives as well as cherished friends from near and afar.  A recent engagement celebration to honor Jennifer and Ross Stone was held at the bride’s home here in Dothan. Her parents, Becky and David Hewitt, hosted an intimate gathering to honor the couple several weeks prior to their September 7th wedding.  Although the Hewitts raised their family in Dothan, they have many ties to  Mississippi since both of them grew up in Jackson.  Deborah and Van Stone are life long Mississippians and their son, Ross, is finishing up his medical residency in Birmingham. Ross’ grandfather and great-uncle were classmates of my Daddy at Ole Miss while his aunt was a sorority sister of mine.  It was fun to make these connections which made me realize that I can never get too far from my Mississippi roots..

The lovely couple is pictured below.


A white iron basket on the front, filled with magnolia, hydrangea, and Kimberly Queen and Asparagus fern welcomed guests to the Hewitt’s home.

???????? ????????

Beautiful urns were filled with late summer flowers along the walkway.

???????? ????????

Limelight hydrangeas were just beginning to dry out a bit and turn sage green – my very favorite stage.  Fresh magnolia, Limelight hydrangeas, Jack Frost Ligustrum, camellia leaves,  and ivy were showcased in gleaming mercury glass containers on the dining room table.

???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

Below are other arrangements placed in the entertaining areas.

???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

A favorite McCarty Pottery pitcher is featured below.



???????? ???????? ????????

The tablescape below was designed by simply putting a potted fuchsia potted Pinta in a weathered urn with an underlay of magnolia stems.


Another lovely Copperworx creation:  a “Mississippi” shaped serving tray.


The Limelight hydrangeas dried so beautifully that the bride’s Mom had the idea of “recycling” them with white roses for arrangements that would set the mood for the wedding week celebration in their lovely home.  I rewatered  the oasis and added lovely captivating blush colored roses to several of the original tablescapes, and created some additional ones as well.


Below are a couple of  the arrangements that were “recycled”..

???????? ????????

Three different sized vintage silver containers were tiered to make a display on the breakfast room table.


A simple arrangement of roses and fragrant springs of rosemary the was the focal point on the living room’s tea table.  Rosemary was actually used extensively in wedding celebration in the Middle Ages.  The custom was for the newly wed couple to plant a branch of rosemary on their wedding day!


Even the mailbox and front door were adorned for pre-wedding activities..


???????? ????????

The Hewitt’s classic Southern home has always reminded me of the house that was the setting of the 1950 version as well as the remake of “Father of The Bride”, one of my favorite movies of all time!


The “Father of the Bride” house is featured below.  It’s worth rewatching just to see the house..


Coming soon – more of the wedding celebration..



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