Southerners tend to regard their porches as the soul of their homes!  Southern porches, where “real living” takes place, just seem to be etched with memories.  Whether childhood memories take us back to shelling peas with a grandmother or just reading a book or having a meditative quiet time, many regard their porches as one of their favorite rooms.  With the right furnishings, plants, and accessories even the simplest of porches can be easily transformed into an inviting area for entertaining family and friends.  While the popularity of outdoor entertaining has surged in recent years, our porches can form the perfect backdrop.  In our part of the country, porches can literally be enjoyed 8 months or more of the year.  Today, I am showcasing two of my favorite porches..

One could easily have a “staycation” on Lynn Vukovich’s quintessential Southern back porch and garden area.  The house, situated on a serene lake, provides the perfect setting for family gatherings and entertaining.  Since moving into their classic, French inspired home around four years ago, she and her husband, Jon, have worked tirelessly to create this captivating area.  Lynn has great vision and decorating skills while Jon has the gift of creating detailed computer plans for the vision.  Although a typical day for Jon is honing his skills in the operating room, he spends hours installing landscaping and maintaining their gorgeous landscape.  The pictures below were made at a recent baby shower there.

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Jon meticulously laid the stone for the garden area overlooking their porch in the next three photographs..???????? ???????? ????????

Neighbors Maurine and David Johnston truly live in their outdoor room.  Their porch was renovated a couple of years ago, and a brick fireplace and rustic mantel transformed this area to make it a retreat as well as an entertaining area.  Overlooking her English style garden and pool area lined with blue stone, this is truly a magnificent area to host family and friends.  Maurine, the consummate Southern hostess, entertains frequently.

???????? ???????? ????????


Even the pool house has its own charming little porch!

???????? ???????? ????????

???????? ???????? ????????

Maurine’s garden is a plethora of blooming specimens almost any season of the year.  She recently photographed these beautiful Hibiscus in the pool area.

?????????????? ???????????

Find a perfect spot on a shady porch this weekend to enjoy a book, sip a cool drink, or just to “set a spell”!

Child on the Porch

Eudora Welty’s Child on Porch, 1930



  1. Love these porches! Ever since I lived in a farmhouse and wiled away hours sometimes sitting on the front porch swing in the evenings reading, or just watching, I have dreamed of having a porch. Beautiful examples of porches, Mary — even the little pool house porch is precious! And the final picture is a perfect addition to your post!

  2. We bought our current home because of the screened porch. My great aunt had a large “sleeping porch” on the back of her house. Had the roof painted blue to keep the “haints” away. She lived in the delta and I would visit there with my grandmother in summer. It was a big deal to get to sleep on the porch… Such great memories and you’re right, it is the soul of the house…..

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