After bringing a bushel of succulent Cherry Creek peaches beaches from Mississippi back to my home in Alabama last week, there have been ample opportunities to eat them, cook with them, share them with friends, and, of course, to design tablescapes with them! The ones below are casual tablescapes done on our back porch area using wooden bowls and crates set with white and burlap linens as a base.  I also incorporated some peach and green colored tea towels for draping a couple of the small crates.


No, the roses weren’t picked from my garden, but I found these lovely roses at a local market. Classified as Orange Unique Roses, they complemented the peaches beautifully,  and held up amazingly well in spite of all of my arranging and manipulation.

Combining seasonal fruit and fresh flowers is an easy and pretty floral design for most anywhere –  inside or out!

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Below the roses and peaches are displayed in some of my favorite Mississippi pottery pieces.


My step- daughter, Anna, is a lot like me. She loves to think of “excuses” to get in the kitchen.  Using this classic Mississippi cookbook, she made a delicious peach pound cake that I have loved for over 20 years…

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It just doesn’t get much better than fresh peach pound cake and vanilla ice cream – one of my favorite Southern desserts of all times!

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Below are more vignettes on my breakfast table using antique olive jars along with a  Mississippi pottery bowl elevated on a wooden plateau.

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An antique pie server got another use!  This arrangement would be lovely on a serving table or buffet. I used some Tea Olive foliage along with the roses.

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Peaches in a favorite chicken wire basket tucked  in a bed of Creeping Jenny in my yard..


Crossvine is beginning to bloom again on my mailbox so I couldn’t resist using it with peaches displayed on Jadite pedestals and then again in a pottery bowl.

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A friend of mine introduced me to a cookbook entitled Dori Sanders’ Country Cooking. She met her at the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium held at Ole Miss a couple of years agohttp://www.southernfoodways.org/

  Dori was  raised on one one of the oldest African American-owned farms in South Carolina. She continues to tend the family peach orchards today, and even sells them at a farm stand today.

She reflects:  “I still pick peaches almost every day during the summer.  I try not to be too choosy about most things in life, but with my peaches I am as choosy as can be. …..”Really, not much has changed in our orchards since my childhood, when I used to walk barefoot down that little path.  When the peaches are truly ripe, the air in the orchard is perfumed with their fragrance and they lure me to them once again”

For Dori’s reminiscences and satisfying Southern recipes, check out her cookbook and website:  http://dorisanders.com/


Check out the local peaches in your area, try some new or classic Southern recipes, or just admire their beauty on your kitchen table….



  1. I love peaches! What beautiful displays! That peach pound cake looks scrumptious…wish I had a piece right now! You are amazing!

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