Even though the 4th here in lower Alabama has been a “wash out” with never ending showers, our family continued on with a  small celebration.  The weather was deemed too rainy to grill on the Green Egg so all of the cooking adventures had to be inside.  In a brief respite from the rain this morning, I found a few appropriate blooms to make a table centerpiece.  Weeping Youpon Holly branches, Limelight and Endless Summer hydrangeas along with  white Angelonia brought a little red, white and blue to make the day more celebratory.







???????? ???????? ???????? ????????


Thankful to be an American! 


Hope you are having a happy 4th!


8 thoughts on “CELEBRATING THE 4TH!

  1. We wish we could be there spending the 4th with you Mary Lise style!!! At least we can follow the fun and food on your blog…we can imagine how wonderful you have everything!~

  2. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing! It’s been rainy here too. I guess it’s because there is a PGA event at The Greenbrier (Greenbrier Classic). Ben & I took Mom out to eat dinner in Beckley this evening. I felt like we needed a change of scenery (missing Dad & Karen today even though tried to keep myself busy. We would normally get together for a cookout-just not the same.). I hadn’t seen or talked to mom in several days. I’ve been working on my course work that was due in my online class.

    Happy 4th of July!

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