I was in my hometown of Pontotoc, Mississippi, two weekends ago, and I don’t think my Mother’s hydrangeas have ever been more beautiful.

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I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful afternoon with sweet and vivacious  Ava, who I can’t officially claim as a relative, but maybe since she is my sister’s great-niece that will suffice. Ava, who is intrigued with dolls and tea parties, reminds me of a little girl from Victorian times. She was most enthusiastic about selecting hydrangeas and arranging them for the perfect tea party as well as setting up the tea table, too, I might add!

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The little table and chairs below has been used for three generations of children..


My Mother loved children, and got great pleasure from sharing her garden flowers  with them when they came to her home, waiting patiently as they painstakingly selected just the perfect bloom for her to cut for them.  Even after my two sisters and I were grown, she always had a little children’s  table set up in her kitchen just in case the opportunity arose for an impromptu tea party for a little guest.  Her garden continues to bless a new generation…


  1. Just love hearing from you and enjoying the beautiful pictures. Most of all I love all the memories of your wonderful mother and our dear friend.

  2. Just Beautiful! Ava is a lovely, budding “southern belle”! I wish I could have known your Mother, Mary lise… Thank you for sharing all your stories & photos. You have a wonderful gift of writing AND photography!

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