The joys and benefits of gardening are immeasurable, however, they are often surprises that you might never be prepared for. Our backyard area  is a serene and meditative place that we enjoy daily.  It has been the setting for memorable school functions, birthday parties, church functions, and engagement celebrations  over the years for our children and friends.


???????? ????????

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have a very serious snake phobia. I always assumed the snake was the biggest thing I had to fear in my garden.  However, I was proved wrong  just a few days ago.  My son’s lab was in our backyard, and she suddenly became startled. He assumed that Maizey must have been scared by a snake.

???????? ????????

 Brennan was stunned as he discovered  a 4 1/2 foot alligator under a row of azaleas just behind my herb garden.



My sons and husband collectively had to come up with a plan of action since the game wardens/wildlife experts were off duty for the weekend!  Two retired hockey sticks were brought into service. The hissing alligator was forced into a dog crate with the sticks, transported to  a rural area, and released into a creek.  The lingering mystery is how the alligator could have possibly gotten into our yard in the first place!  There is a small creek a couple of miles down the road, but really!?  I guess the worst scenario would have been to find it swimming in the pool..


I hope this is the first and last time a gator trespasses in our garden!

Maizey probably feels the same way!


What’s the worst pest (or guest) you have encountered in your garden?


  1. You inherited your snake phobia from Mother. If she saw even a small one she chopped its head off with a hoe. But it was true grandmotherly love when she and Robert spotted a small snake in the rose garden when he was small. He has always loved animals and asked her to spare its life–and she did!

  2. Your garden and pool are lovely. The new statuary is a bit unusual. My box turtles seem a bit tame now.

  3. ML you got all of us beat with your most unusual garden guest…:)
    I guess you will never ever forget this experience!

  4. Oh my goodness — that poor alligator was WAY lost! That would be a scary thing to run into in the back yard! Glad the critter was caught and taken safely away — your poor lab might have otherwise ended up being his next meal.
    Your yard and pool are beautiful, and it’s easy to see why you enjoy it so much!

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