Since my last post on birdhouses, I received several other unique birdhouse designs that I wanted to share.  The two birdhouses below are from Patsy Luckie’s collection.


A friend from Atlanta, Lisa Mann, shared these two designs from the garden of the new house she has just moved in.

IMG_6202 IMG_5272

And what an awesome “house warming” (or maybe that should be “birdhouse warming”) present awaited her…


Decorating with bird houses and accessories makes an easy and impressive centerpiece.  I recently did this for a friend’s dining table. I started with her beautiful bird house and added a copper tray to match the trim of this charming church styled house.  After layering the base with fresh moss, sprigs of Carolina Jasmine, Spanish moss, and  lichen covered branches, a few decorative birds were added. A  glass cloche encases a tiny bird’s nest. (Thanks, Mary Beth Davis, for letting me share this photograph!)


My rustic wooden table on the back porch is a favorite place to do arrangements.  Most of the time I use the table with a simple moss runner or just bare, but it’s also fun to make it  more formal by adding a white tablecloth.  I chose two birdhouses that were gifts from a friend to start with. The smaller one was elevated on a wooden pedestal.


I then started adding layers of  Tea Olive and Elaeagnus  (thanks to my neighbor Maurine’s huge supply!); and Jack Frost  Ligustrum.

???????? ????????

I also added a pot of Lobelia for a burst of color, and recycled three small rustic hydrangea arrangements that had dried beautifully to the setting.

???????? ????????

I continued to add greenery, Winged Elm branches, and Spanish moss that was on the branches a friend gathered for me.


Small pots of other annuals could also be added for color.


Another easy, but smaller arrangement, is more versatile.  I started with a ceramic birdhouse and a  wooden decorative tray.  A soaked block of oasis was cut into two pieces and placed on the plastic lined tray.

???????? ????????

Tea Olive and variegated Pittosporum were  inserted into the oasis after positioning the birdhouse.

???????? ????????

Oak Leaf hydrangeas and daylilies that were blooming in my yard were added next.

???????? ????????

I placed the arrangement on a side table on our porch (top), but it would also look nice on a serving bar or Butler’s pantry for a party (below).

???????? ????????

I couldn’t resist using a birdcage for the last tablescape.


After removing the top, I added a thin layer of soaked floral oasis.  Then I added moss from a friend’s yard.

???????? ????????

 Variegated Pittosporum in small nutmeg McCarty Pottery bowls enlivened the setting.  Also, stems of  white Angelonia (summer snapdragons) were added to the oasis. 

???????? ????????

Mounds of fresh moss were added around the periphery of  a small bistro table to finish the design along with my favorite McCarty Pottery birds, birds’ nests, and eggs.



This birdhouse tablescape could be used outside or moved inside to a dining table for a buffet display.


The following photograph was shared by my Mississippi friend, Wilma Sartin, via her daughter-in-law, Shirley.


“Of all the things that inspire and delight, the best to behold is nature in flight.”                       (Author Unknown)



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