There is something about a birdhouse that sends an immediate welcome to a garden.  Birdhouses provide a habitat for nesting birds from season to season. Birdhouses and bird accessories have become more and more popular, and you can literally find any style from rustic to shabby chic to architecturally inspired ones that rival the designs of elegant homes.   The fact  that  they add interest and beauty to one’s garden while at the same time providing  a place for birds’  daily congregation and nesting makes collecting them and adding them to a garden even more satisfying.

Below are a couple of my  favorite bird feeders.  The one on the left, a classic design, is a gift from a friend.  The one the right was purchased at a flea market and crafted from recycled items such as a salt shaker and a brass tray!

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My friend, Marie Stone, has an incredible birdhouse collection on the front porch of her pool house.


Our feathered friends have “it made” in Maurine Johnston’s backyard.  What an eclectic collections of bird houses…


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The Peeples, my Daddy’s neighbors in Mississippi, are avid bird watchers and have a very unique pair of bird feeders mounted to their garden shed.



They spend hours sitting on their back terrace watching birds flock to this birdhouse.


Below is a decorative aluminum bird feeder that has been hanging in the massive pecan tree on the back terrace of my family home in Mississippi for as long as I can remember.

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This bird bath is also in our Mississippi garden …



“There’s something about the mere presence of a bird house that instantly makes  everything friendlier, more relaxed and cheerful”.     -Mary Engelbreit



8 thoughts on “GARDEN BIRDSCAPES

  1. What a great photo collection of bird houses and feeders — some of them are more like bird mansions, lol! Most of my relatives growing up had bird feeders right outside the dining room window and we watched for hours. I once had a birdbath and loved watching birds frolic around in the water. There’s such a great variety of birdhouses in this post that you have spurred my interest in trying my hand at building one!

  2. I am just now seeing this post..and am watching the birds eating from our feeders…What a delight and as usual, a great pictures and inspiration!

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