The serenity of green and white is always a favorite combination when I  do centerpieces or tablescapes. White, a symbol of purity, is especially appropriate for new beginnings such as weddings, however, I love it for almost every occasion. The hues of creamy white and ivory are my special favorites. In fact, there are as many colors of white flowers as there are of blue flowers! White lends itself to many creative interpretations for floral design.

  Lori Jordan recently did this arrangement in her dining room incorporating greenery from her yard as well as Oak Leaf hydrangeas  for a bridal brunch.


Pictured below are other floral designs in green and white hues that  she created for the bridal celebration in her lovely home. I love the vintage planter with the contrast of the distressed candlesticks. burlap, and variegated foliage.

?????????????????? ??????????????????


One of my favorite vessels for arranging flowers is an antique dough bowl which I almost always have filled with some type of arrangement.  This easy centerpiece on my breakfast table is created in just minutes using an assortment of white begonias, creeping jenny, a Spathiphyllum and another plant that I picked up at a local garden center.  You could also add fern, ivy, fruit or  individual flowers placed in water picks.  Add decorative moss and you have an instant arrangement.

???????? ????????

Hydrangeas will always get top billing in my floral design repertoire.  The arrangement below was done several months ago for a Wiregrass Hope banquet here in Dothan. 


Harvested hydrangeas from late last summer make a simple, but elegant, statement on a candle lit table…


Below I used Confederate Jasmine and rosemary from my garden  along with one bunch of ivory Vendela roses  to create a garden tablescape.  It looks rather complicated, but actually is fun and rather simple to do.


Soaked floral oasis was added to a lined urn.  Then the bust was centered in the center of the oasis.  Start adding rosemary around the edges.

???????? ????????

Continue adding rosemary around the perimeter of the urn.  Then cut roses to about 4-5 inches, and start inserting into the oasis.

???????? ????????

Finish adding the roses.  Next start filling in the with the jasmine.


I placed an antique white tablecloth on a round table and centered the arrangement with a backdrop of jasmine.  I placed cuttings around the base for a little drama…



???????? ????????

Several weeks ago while in Mississippi, I arranged white roses, spiraea, and hostas from the garden my Mother created to take to a dear family friend…

IMG_9813 IMG_9802

Spring and summer are great times to incorporate the abundance and variety of foliage in floral designs for home, porch or outdoor entertaining areas.  Another advantage is that the greenery is generally long lasting.  An arrangement can be primarily foliage with just a few stems of flowers added for an accent color.  You can add interest by combining several different types of foliage in one design.  “Go green” and gather the greenery in your garden to create a unique design…


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