Earlier this week I had the chance to tour a daylily garden known as  Bush Gardens II in Headland, Alabama just days before the annual daylily festival scheduled for this Saturday.  What a prolific showing of literally thousands of  colorful lilies! Literally every flower bed on their property  was overflowing with the trumpet shaped beauties.


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Daylilies are members of the Hemerocallis family, and the Greek origin is translated “day beautiful”.  Often proclaimed as the “perfect perennial” because of their dazzling colors, drought tolerance, and pest resistance,  they thrive in full sun or light shade.  Each plant produces many buds, therefore, a well established plant clump could bloom for 30-40 days.  While they have a relatively short blooming period, rebloomers will bloom twice in a season. The Bushes recommend applying a 15-0-15 granular fertilizer to daylilies around Valentine’s Day followed by an application of ammonium nitrate two weeks after that.  Additions to their garden are obtained by going to daylily “auctions” .

The Bush’s daylily garden has practically every hue imaginable – a garden feast for your eyes.

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Daylilies enhance a garden when planted in groups in borders or in mass plantings along a fence or walkway.

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Lori Jordan and SueMarie Coe explore the abundant daylily blooms at the Bush garden.


These daylilies were given to me years ago by a dear lady, Dot Griffin.  She and her husband were were avid daylily gardeners…

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Headland Daylily Festival

Bush Garden II and Kirkland Daylilies

Saturday, May 25, 2013

8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

2656 Hwy. 134 West

Headland, AL


*Daylilies, ferns, blueberries, farm market venders, honey, irises, door prizes

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“Each daylily bloom I see is like a kiss from heaven above.”

                                                      (author unknown)


  1. Beautiful photos and great information about the day lilies. We made some sweet memories that morning. Thank you!

  2. I have never seen so many varieties of daylilies and ferns! A feast for the eyes and a must see for anyone in this area who loves and appreciates a garden. Thank you Mary Lise for a great remembrance of the morning!

  3. I am dazzled by the variety and sheer numbers of colors and shapes in daylilies — your photographs are beautiful! Mrs. Griffin gave you a wonderful gift of gorgeous flowers!

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