Although I love to have the occasion to do large, elaborate centerpiece floral arrangements for a special event or party, this is not the “real” world for me most of the time.  So many of us love to entertain, but  don’t have the time, energy or resources to create a time-consuming arrangement. Before rushing to the grocery store, florist or garden center, first survey your own yard, and see what greenery you have available and/or what flowers are in bloom.  My favorite greenery this time of year is magnolia, Pittosporum, Ligustrum, and fern such as asparagus, macho or Kimberly Queen. You can combine different greenery or use just one variety.  My favorite flower, the hydrangea, is not blooming yet  so on a recent trip to the garden center I selected a colorful hydrangea.   Once the stems are cuts, the hydrangea can be planted in your yard. I recently did the following arrangement for an elderly friend, however, this could easily be a centerpiece or used on a side table in your home. If you are looking for a beautiful floral gift for a special Mom, this would also be very suitable.  If possible, cut the greenery a few hours before you plan to do the arrangement and put the stems in a container of warm water to allow for proper conditioning.

Ligustrum is so plentiful and gorgeous this time of year, and we are fortunate to  have several topiaries in our garden.  This hearty evergreen, with its gloss green foliage and fragrant, creamy flowers makes a perfect complement to any arrangement.



Cut wet floral foam to fit the container. Then, pour water over the the top of the container and soak for at least 15 minutes.  This could actually be done several hours before arranging the flowers.


Create a foundation by inserting short stems of Ligustrum foliage to cover the surface.

???????? ????????

Cut the hydrangea stems and place in the oasis from the center out.  5 stems were used in this design.  For larger containers, you could purchase an additional potted hydrangea.



Add additional greenery to fill in the gaps after placing the stems of hydrangea. Then water the finished arrangement.

???????? ????????

Take advantage of the lush spring greenery in your yard and supplement with spring’s dazzling flowers to create a simple floral design that will bring joy to someone’s day….

“Gather a flower and admire its beauty.  Share it with a friend or stranger.  You will be amazed at the power of a few blooms to lift the spirit, to create a smile, or to make a friend for life”.

                                                                                     -Ralph Null



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