As many of you know, this blog was created to honor my Mother’s memory.  Today, May 5, would have been here 83rd birthday. Her sweet and giving spirit was her trademark!  She freely and generously gave her garden gifts to everyone in our community for receptions, weddings, and church services.  She even packed up literally dozens of her gorgeous roses on a Greyhound Bus, and sent them on a 12 hour trek to Dothan from Pontotoc, Mississippi, on one occasion when I was having a party at my house.!  It was not usual for her to travel from north Mississipi to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with roses to make arrangements for medical meeting convention dinners that she attended with my Dad.   Her courageous thiry year  fight with a rare, autoimmune disease known as scleroderma failed to slow her down until just the last 1 1/2 years of her life.  Although she rarely talked about her physical challenges, gardening and floral design were here therapies.

Pontotoc landscape 009

Pontotoc landscape 001


Pontotoc landscape 008

Pontotoc landscape 002

A familiar scene as Mother loaded her garden roses to transport to a dinner, wedding or other special event.  My Daddy even had custom racks made for her car trunk to help keep them intact on the journey!

  Mother's flower arrangments 002

Below are a couple of arrangements I did using the roses they arrived on the Greyhound!

Mother's flower arrangments 002 001

Below are more captivating arrangements she designed…

Mother's flower arrangments 001 flowers Mother's flower arrangments 001

Mother's flower arrangments 007

Mother's flower arrangments 006 Mother's flower arrangments 005 Mother's flower arrangments 003 Mother's flower arrangments 001

Pictured below is my Mother, two sisters, my  niece and  me at the 1996 bridesmaids’ luncheon for my younger sister, Patti, in Memphis.

misc. pictures 001

“Remembering people is how we keep them alive.”      -Rick Bragg


13 thoughts on “MY MOTHER’S GARDEN GIFTS

  1. Thank you for remembering Mother so beautifully. I was also the recipient of a bus load of roses from Pontotoc for a party!

  2. What beautiful floral arrangements! She certainly had a fabulous

    gift. I know you miss her, but she also gave you a wonderful gift to always keep in your heart. Joining you in remembering a wonderful woman on her 83 rd birthday.

    • Thanks, Pam, for your sweet comments! Mother was such a gifted gardener and floral designer. I love going through all of the old pictures of her arrangements. She truly used her gifts to glorify God..

  3. Mary Lise,
    This was so far my favorite blog that you have created…
    So beautifully done and it makes me want to be like your mother!
    Such a beautiful lady inside and out!
    What a great act to follow, but not a act… She was the real deal!
    You got her best qualities and you are paying it forward for all of us that are blessed to be in your presence!!
    Thank you for being so gracious and amazing to me and my familily and to everyone you meet and people you don’t know!!!
    Love the Rick Bragg quote!

    • Your sweet comments made my day, Lisa! Mother certainly had a servant’s heart and used her God given gifts so generously. Her floral designs were artistry! I wish you could have seen her garden in all of its glory! Hopefully, there will be some pretty roses blooming when I go to MS next week!

  4. MaryLise I am behind in my emails so I have just now had opportunity to read this beautiful blog post about your mom. Thank you for sharing her beautiful arrangements. It is obvious that she was gifted and so are you. She left behind a beautiful legacy.

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