The Japanese Snowball tree (Vibernum plicatum) is one of my spring favorites as it was of my Mother’s.  Although a native to Japan, its southern roots run deep, and it is actually classified as a shrub.  Their bright white clusters actually resemble cheerleader pompoms.  Many people actually mistake them for hydrangeas    The color of the bloom starts out as a lovely chartreuse and turns white as it matures. Known for their long lasting blooms, these deciduous shrubs  are very easy to maintain.  Their giant, vibrant blooms are said to stop traffic, and this literally happened in my case several weeks ago as I was driving down a neighborhood street.  I had to resist the urge to ring the homeowner’s doorbell to see if I could clip a few of these exuberant blooms!

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Below is a Japanese Snowball blooming the first of  April at my Dad’s home in Mississippi.

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Below are images of the same bush from March of 2012.  Notice how white the blooms are..

120327_0000 120327_0002

Since I do have cutting rights in this yard, I cut several dozen and transported them back to Alabama!   Amazingly, some of the blooms have lasted over one week.  They were perfect in a McCarty pottery bowl and stemmed goblet I have.  Below is a tablescape I created.

???????? ????????

The stems were cut to fit the height of the container, and secured with a pipe cleaner, before placing in the bowl.




Below is another simple idea that could be used for a tabletop or coffee table display.  Place a pillar candle in the center of a water filled glass or crystal bowl.  Cut the stems short so the blooms are floating around the candle.


The snowball blooms were also used for a recent brunch pictured below.





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