The vibrant hues of pink have been incredible this spring.  The color pink represents love and friendship, and is also said to have calming properties as well.  It also has Biblical connotations representing power, healing, faith and a right relationship with God.  From the candy colored pink azaleas to the magenta blooms of a perfect geranium to the different variations in azaleas and cherry trees, the pink palette of spring is so serene and restorative!





IMAG0501 IMAG0500 IMAG0495


IMAG0576 IMAG0300 (1)


A gift for a friend is enhanced with an azalea bloom…


To welcome a sweet college girl home for a visit, I picked up a bouquet of  pink tulips to put in her room. (My Mother always had fresh flowers in my bedroom to welcome me home from the time I left for college!)


Gather the stems together, and cut with floral scissors to fit the desired container.  Secure with a piece of twine, and then tie a colorful ribbon over the twine.  Then place in an urn or pretty vase of water.

???????? ????????

This is an easy and impromptu arrangement that can be created in just a few minutes.


Another cheerful pink spring arrangement…


“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul

by a flower in spring bloom,

maybe your soul has never been in bloom”

                                                          – Terri Guillemets


3 thoughts on “PRETTY IN PINK

  1. Beautiful pics! Such a sweet comment about your mother always having fresh flowers for you when you would come home from college. I would love to create the same tradition with my own daughter when she begins college 🙂

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