The palm branches associated with the season of Easter originate in Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem during the final week of His earthly ministry.  Great multitudes of people jubilantly celebrated His arrival.  Waving palm branches, enthusiastic shouts of “Hosanna!” resonated.  Many even threw down their garments which today would be the equilivant of “rolling out the red carpet”.  I can imagine that some of the very people in this crowd would renounce him only days later.

The subject of forgiveness has been on my mind repeatedly over the past few weeks.  If we are believers, God no longer holds our many sins against us.  When we forgive someone of an offense, we don’t require a payment to settle it.  Note the word, “give” in forgiveness.  We give away our right to get even, and we extend grace to the offender.  Jesus was willing to shed His blood for our benefit.  Since He forgave us fully, there should be no offense too great for us to forgive.  Choosing forgiveness (even when we don’t want to) sets us on the road to freedom.  Forgiveness is supernatural, and only God can accomplish it.


Easter lilies are steeped in symbolism.  The trumpet shape of the flower before it fully opend is said to represent God the Father calling Jesus home.  Purity and freedom from sin through Jesus’ death on the cross are symbolized in their graceful, white blooms.  The Easter lily is a beautiful, yet poignant,  reminder of the renewal and rebirth of this season.

For the arrangement below, simply place potted Easter lilies in a container of your choice.  A total of five were used here, with the center three elevated on a few blocks of stryrofoam.  I then bought an inexpensive palm plant, and added the cut branches around the lilies. Fill in with decorative moss.


On more easy option for a quick and easy floral design with Easter lilies and palm branches..


I added a bundle of palm branches and a lily stem to the cross on my front door.


   “To be a Christian, means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in us”. 

                                                                                                                                                                       C.S. Lewis


4 thoughts on “A TRIUMPHAL ENTRY

  1. I needed this today! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the palms, the lilies, but most of all, the message in this blog! Hope you have a good visit with your Dad!

  2. As always your creations with the plants and flowers and your beautiful use of words in your message makes me look for to your next entry! Have fun in MS and know that your Dad will be delighted to see you.

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