These gorgeous  hydrangeas remind me of the passion of the cross. Purple, which is associated with penitence and mourning, is also the color of royalty. The color during this season of Easter represents the Kingship of Jesus while it is also a reminder of the robe that the soldiers placed on Him as they were mocking Him just prior to His crucifixion.  The crowd of soldiers, religious leaders of the day, and criminals dying by His side were totally merciless.  The mocking, sneering, and sarcasm by them and  others in the crowd (that could have even been recipients of His miracles during His ministry) were merciless.  In contrast, was the merciful response of Christ even as he lay dying on the cross.


A friend gave me this lovely moss-covered container, and it seemed fitting to display the Easter hydrangea in. This particular variety is Mathilda Gutges Hydrangea.   After it finishes blooming, simply cut off the blooms, and plant in your yard. I usually also put a granular fertilizer around the base. Then, look forward to the blooms next spring/summer.


I simply placed the hydrangea pot in a plastic liner, and inserted into the container.  The cross, also a gift from my friend, Debbie, was attached to a lichen covered branch, and inserted like a stake into the soil surrounding the plant.


 I moved the arrangement inside after adding Kimberly Queen fern and Macho fern to pieces of soaked oasis that were added to the container.



“Forgiveness costs us nothing.  All our costly obedience is the fruit, not the root, of being forgiven.  That’s why we call it grace. But it cost Jesus His life.  That is why we call it just.  Oh, how precious is the news that God does not hold our sins against us!  And how beautiful is Christ, whose blood made it right for God to do this.”

                                                                      (John Piper, The Passion of Jesus Christ)



  1. How beautiful! I planned to add hydrangeas to our yard this spring. I will follow your lead and use them inside the house before I plant them outside. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.

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