I found oranamental kale and Dusty Miller a few weeks ago in the mark down section of a local garden center.  It was watered, fertilized, and left outside for a few weeks to get some sun and rebound!  A childhood image of Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor’s garden came to mind, and inspired me to created this centerpiece with a vintage wooden bowl!

1.  Line the bowl with a plastic garbage bag.  Cover the bottom with potting soil.  Add the plants as desired, and fill in with additional soil around the edges and in between the plants.

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2.  Pull the bag to the edge and tuck under.  Add  Spanish moss to conceal the bag lining. Then water and fertilize.  Fertilome (1 tablespoon/gallon of water) is my “go to” fertilizer.

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Below is the finished centerpiece ready for an Easter celebration.


My two cats were  actually stalking the bunnies!!   Needless to say the arrangment got moved  to a safer location..


Below the addition of a moss runner, white washed rattan chargers, “lettuce leaf” liners,  and Easter bunny printed napkins complete the tablescape on a covered porch setting.  The ornamental kale and Dusty Miller get plenty of light in this area, and should last for several weeks.



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I hope this post  inspires you to create a tablescape for your spring and Easter celebrations!

19 thoughts on “AN EASTER TABLESCAPE

  1. Mary Lise, You are so talented. When in Tupelo, John and I would love to see you! Hope your dad is doing well….

    • Thanks, Emily, for your sweet comments! I would love to get together with you in Tupelo. We must do that soon. Daddy just got admitted to the hospital, but seems to be dong well. Patti is with him, and I’ll be coming up in a few days.

  2. Mary Lise, just discovered your blog this evening and am now following along. I think your dough bowl arrangement is spectacular. I’m always looking for new ideas to style one of my dough bowls. You have definitely inspired me with this one. Do you mind if I pin a few of your images? Thank you………Sarah

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